Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I took the kids to McDonald's to play and eat junk one day during spring break. The weather was crappy and I had no desire to be cooped up in this house with four kids. The teenager working the register asked for my name so he could let me know when my order was ready. I've had people spell my name with a K many times in my life. I've even had it spelled with an ie instead of a y at the end. Kathey was definitely a first.

Here's the comment Ella left my previous potpourri post.

If I knew how to sew, I would totally make them. And not because I love my cats and want them to have warm legs. I think it would be quite entertaining to watch them try to remove them. Here's the link in case you want to make your very own Kitty Legs for your favorite felines. It's supposed to be an April Fool's joke but I say, joke's on you, kitty!

I almost cried at the gym. I was on the elliptical machine watching the Jim and Pam get married episode of The Office. I teared up when all the office friends were dancing down the aisle. I'm a weirdo.

I'm glad Buzz is off Dancing with the Stars. It was painful to watch him. I had to fast forward through his dances. Poor guy.

Dan recorded the last 18 minutes of the Duke vs. Butler basketball game so he could put Cate to bed. When he was done, he came back into the front room to watch those last 18 minutes. The recording stopped when there were about 20 seconds left. Butler was down by one point and had the ball. It just stopped and flipped back to live t.v. just in time for us to watch the Duke guys celebrating. Dan was not happy (about Duke winning and about how the t.v. screwed up). Poor guy.

I found two earplugs and 3 tubes of Chapstick under my night stand. That's where all the Chapstick was, Dan.

Today is Grandpa Chet's birthday. He'd be 72. Danny was wondering how we'd be able to give him his birthday balloons.

I think I have a cavity.

I'm pretty sure the two things I like least about this whole parenting thing are losing sleep and cleaning up bodily functions. I did a little too much of both of those last week.

I watched an episode of 19 kids and Counting recently. I cried a little bit when Michelle and Jim Bob were holding their tiny baby in the hospital. It made me remember visiting my tiny baby in the hospital a few summers ago. I got my act together quickly when Danny came over and stared at me with a puzzled look on his face. I wonder if Michelle and Jim Bob still had to complete their ward float and walk with it in the local parade even though they had just become parents to a premature (and still in the hospital) baby six days earlier. No? Just us? Oh. That's what I thought.

Cate puked at Target on Wednesday. We were in the toy section. Danny was looking at Star Wars Legos (no surprise) while we waited for Cate's prescription to be filled (another ear infection and possible sinus infection). She was eating popcorn and then coughed a little bit. I knew she was about to upchuck everything (because that's what she does when she coughs while she's eating) so I grabbed a burp rag from my purse. Sure enough, everything that used to be in her stomach ended up on her pants, her shoes, the floor and the burp rag (but mostly in the burp rag, thank goodness). There were two teenage boys in the aisle a few feet away from us looking at Legos. I heard one of them say to the other, "Dude, that kid just puked."

Top Chef Masters is on again and I'm thrilled. There's this one lady on that looks like a man. I wasn't sure at first if she was a lady but her name is Monica and she has boobs. Poor guy/girl/whatever.

My friend made a hat for Cate. Doesn't she look thrilled to be wearing it? I think it's adorable. Thanks, Arlene.

I stopped at the car wash yesterday afternoon to vacuum the truck. I started on Danny's side. Then I just climbed all the way in to reach the floor on the other side. Danny yelled, "Mama, if you put your whole body in then the truck will TIP OVER!" Nice. Looks like I need to lose more weight than I thought.

No naps yesterday. For anyone. I have officially gone crazy.


Ella said...

That is one cute tiny baby.
I'm pretty sure she thought your name was Rathey.
I'm glad you liked the kitty legs.
Do you fast forward Kate's dances because they're also unbearable.
How is Top Chef Masters different from Top Chef? Top Chef is the one reason I am so sad we don't get BRAVO.
The parade thing makes me sad and I don't understand why you were in it.
I use ear plugs too. Actually, just one ear plug.

Dan said...

It was very touching to watch Kevin dancing down the aisle with tissue boxes as shoes.

I don't look so good in the picture, but I like it because Dad is standing. Do you like his fanny pack being hung around his neck?

I don't remember you walking in the parade. Maybe Jim Bob walked in his parade, while Michelle probably got to rest.

What did you do with the burp rag?

Another Top Chef show? Oh, the insanity!

Cathy said...

To Ella

I don't fast forward through Kate. I like to watch her make a fool of herself.

Top Chef Masters is a bunch of professional chefs competing for charity. It's good stuff.

I wasn't in the parade. I should have been but I sat and watched with Danny and some in-laws instead. I just had a baby for pete's sake. We said yes to the float thing because we thought Cate would be born a few weeks after it, not before.

Cathy said...

To Dan

I love the fanny pack around his neck. You know it's hard to get some people to stop talking when pictures are taken. That's why mouths sometimes end up looking funny.

I didn't walk in the parade, you did. I fretted a lot about it though.

I threw the burp rag in the garbage can at Target. It was full (the burp rag, not the garbage can).

Colorado Kid (Arlene) said...

Why does she hate the hat?

I need more information on some of your poh poh ree.

Cathy said...

She doesn't hate it, Arlene. She was just mad at me for making her wear it at that particular moment in time. I keep it in a basket by the door. She usually takes it out and brings it to me to put it on her. All while saying "at" over and over.

What other poh poh ree info do you need?