Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a conversation, a cough, a cake and a contest

{a conversation}

Who are the flowers for?

Grandpa Chet. We're going to put them on his grave.


Remember? That's where his body is.

Is it far away?

It's by Grandma's house. We can walk there.


Where's Grandpa Chet's spirit?

Gone to Jesus.


Then what happens?

When Jesus comes again, his body and his spirit will be back together again.

Oh. Will I be there?


But I'm scared of Jesus.

Don't be. He's nice. He loves you.

But I'm scared.


Because I'm mean.

{And then he walked away. I'm not sure whether to feel sad that he thinks he's mean or to feel happy that I'm raising a God-fearing boy. Or is it just time to have a Family Home Evening lesson about repentance, forgiveness and love?}

{a cough}

Danny started coughing and his nose started running on Sunday. I was thinking it was just a cold. He seemed fine at Grandma's house, just lots of wiping his nose on his arm (since he didn't have a sleeve long enough to use as a tissue). It got worse.

Dan woke me up Monday morning at 1:39 to let me know that Danny was crying. I went to check on him, got him settled down and went back to bed. Then Dan woke me up at 2:39 to let me know Danny was crying again. (I sleep with earplugs in my ears. I don't hear the crying. Or the snoring. Dan's snoring, not mine. I don't snore.)

I was in Danny's room with him until 5:00. We were both awake the majority of that time. It was not good. He was crying, coughing and at one point, puking. He also complained over and over that his mouth hurt. At 5:00 I brought him into bed with Dan and me. He fell asleep next to Dan. At 6:00 Danny started whimpering and we were awake again. I brought him back to his bed (after making Dan switch to my side of the bed because Danny's pull-up had leaked). I turned on Star Wars, walked out of his room and tried to get some sleep on the couch.

That lasted until about 7:20 when Danny started banging on his door. He was up for the day. I took him to the doctor. I was worried he might have strep throat. He didn't. She said there was some goop (my word, not hers) in his ear (the one that still has the tube in place) and suggested I use the ear drops for a few days. She said he probably just had a virus.

He spent yesterday coughing, whining, and taking a mega nap. He seemed better after he woke up. This morning he woke up with a mega amount of goop coming out of his ear. Maybe when he said his mouth hurt, he was feeling the pain of an ear infection. I don't know. I'm just ready for him to feel better.

{a cake}

We celebrated Jarrett's birthday yesterday with dinner (my favorite meatloaf) and birthday cake. He's a lucky seven-year-old.

{a contest}

Last week I entered to win two passes to the Casual Blogger Conference. I thought it might be fun to attend. Maybe learn something. Maybe just have a little fun. I didn't think I'd win. I never win anything (except when I won $91 at my high school graduation party).

Sunday night I was checking my email and saw that I had a new comment on my recent post. It read "winner winner chicken dinner." I thought that was weird because I had posted a picture of my dad holding an Easter basket in 1949. Huh? I clicked on the comment and it took me to the blog where I had entered to win the passes. I read the post and realized that I had won. All I could think was holy crap. And then I had a headache.

So now I have two passes to this conference and I need a friend to come with me. I'm socially awkward so the friend who comes with me needs to not be socially awkward. That would be helpful.

I need a personal shopper to help me find a few new outfits so that I don't appear to be fashion challenged and socially awkward at the same time. That would be tragic.

Also, now I need to find someone to watch my kids while I'm away maybe learning something and maybe having a little fun at the conference.

So who's it gonna be? Any takers? A conference companion. A personal shopper. A babysitter. I'm now accepting applications.

As a bonus for the friend who comes with me, I'll even let you drive. That's the kind of friend I am.

You're welcome.


Christina said...

I hope to fill at least one roll to support you in your attendance at the conference. Companion, shopper, or babysitter. It may very well depend on what's going on with my craziness- a night out to shop may be all I got. So glad Danny doesn't have strep. Seriously glad.

Ella said...

Well, I am certainly not cut out to be the conference companion. I would be closed up like a clam at one of those things. That, and I don't consider myself a "blogger". But Christina is definitely at ease in the blogging world. I vote her.

Personal shopper? Let's not fool ourselves. We all know who we're talking about. The same person I have made purge my closet two times now demanding she not be polite in the least.

Babysitter? Now that I can do.

I loved that conversation about Jesus.

Dan said...

Well, whoever your conference companion is, I hope you fall asleep in front of them, so I'll have yet another witness of who the snorer is in our household.

Candis Ellis said...

HELLO! I would like to nominate myself for companion and personal shopper! haha. How fun, congratulations :)

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

the convo is presh...I think that I should probably be scared of Jesus. =)