Sunday, September 14, 2014

ming's and other things

When we visit Santa Cruz, we eat at Ming's with our good friend Eve and her good friend Dale. Eve is a regular there. We are too now I guess. The once-a-year-in-the-summer kind of regulars. When Dan and I visited Eve in July of 2007 with an adorable 8-month-old baby Danny, the owner lady said, "Ahhh, his cheeks look-uh like-uh egg with no shell on." (in your best non-offensive Chinese voice, of course) He was so white and soft I guess. We've been back three more summers since then. Every time the same owner lady comes over and talks to us and remember us and our cute kiddos.

I was worried Danny wouldn't like Chinese food because he's super picky. Cate loves everything so I knew she'd eat. Turns out Danny loves the noodles (not a big surprise) and also the fried dough balls with the sesame seed coating. I have no idea what you call them but he loves them. On the inside is a little blob of black bean paste. It kind of tastes sweet, like chocolate. Danny thought it was chocolate and I pretty much didn't correct him.

When we ate at Ming's this summer he mentioned that he'll miss this food when we go back home to Utah. I told him that we have Chinese restaurants in our city too. His jaw dropped and he said, "We have this food near our house? What? Why did you not tell me? I've been waiting 365 days!"

Panda Express, here he comes.


I've been cleaning out my phone, erasing notes that I make to myself. I'm going to jot some of them down here so they're not forgotten forever. I do have a journal for each of my kids that I've been keeping since they were born. Sadly, they will find some day that their dear mother neglected to write faithfully and huge chunks of their childhood are missing. Sorry, kids. I tried.

>>We went swimming at the hotel in Carlsbad this summer. It was actually my birthday and I was hoping that my gift would be to not have to go swimming but my mommy guilt was strong and I did it anyway. It was a wee bit chilly and the sun was setting so we tried to stay in the sunlight. We had a pretty fun time having underwater tea parties like I used to have when I was a kid. You try to cross your legs and sit on the bottom and pretend like you're holding a teacup and saucer. It was hilarious because none of us are any good at sitting with crossed legs at the bottom of the pool. We had some good laughs at that one. And we got water up our noses too.

>>Before we made it to Carlsbad, we stopped in San Diego to check out the Mormon Battalion site and walk around Old Town San Diego. Oh, man. You would think we were torturing those poor kids. Go on vacation and walk around and look at stuff? Horrid. They were tired from being in the car all day so I expected a little resistance. Sheesh. We tried to check out the streets of the Old Town part and Danny declared it "the lamest thing ever." Next time we leave them home. What a teenager.

>>Our friend, Savannah, spent the night several months ago. She came to church with us on Sunday morning. Cate whispered to me, "I'm going to be so proud of myself when I go to primary today because I brought a friend to church."

>>I was telling Danny once about how he's been to Hawaii. He was a teeny tiny little thing in my belly at the time but he was there none the less. Cate overheard our conversation and said, "I wonder where I was when you went to Hawaii. Oh, I know. I was in heaven. I hope I wasn't playing knick-knacks with Jesus." I don't even know where she comes up with this stuff.

>>I saw on a friend's Instagram this week a picture of color coordinating outfits laid out with the caption something like, "Christmas card clothes are pressed and ready for the photo shoot." And I got to thinking that maybe I need to add that to the list of stuff I'm doing all wrong. Holy moly.

>>Cate loves to draw and cut and tape. It makes her happy to let her creative juices flow. One day she said to me, "I like making better than just getting because getting is just not much fun." She's obviously never gotten a new car.

>>I can't even remember when I wrote this one or where we were. I know Danny is the one who said it though. From the looks of it, I wanted him to go in somewhere. He didn't want to. He said, "I can't go in there either. I'm too much of an I-just-sit-here man." Ha!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

sugar makes everything better

Today after Primary, the singing time lady's husband was passing out store bought Rice Krispie treats. Cate took one and said thanks. Danny didn't want one. His reason: they're too sticky. I told him it's the sugar that makes them sticky and that it's the sugar that makes them taste so good.

He replied, "When does sugar make anything taste better?"

Whaaaaaaaa? Is he serious?

My jaw dropped and I gave him a confused stare.

I don't know who that kid is.

Sugar probably doesn't make broccoli taste better (thanks for pointing that out, Debra) so I guess he's got a point.

And way off the subject, happy grandparent's day to all the grandmas and grandpas that we love and adore.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

here i am

I almost forgot my blog password. Lucky for you I remembered.

I don't have a computer. Well, I do have one. It broke several years ago and I still haven't taken it in to get fixed. I got an iPhone and decided I didn't really care about my computer. I could just use Dan's. Somehow I managed to hijack my mom's computer over the summer. This is just a random picture she had in her photo album. My sweet little Danny when he wasn't even 2. This will be my blogging standard from now on: random picture and random thoughts. I seriously do not have the brain power for more than that.

Several times this summer I stared at our beautiful Mt. Timpanogos and envisioned myself hiking all the way to the top, all by myself. I'd stand there looking out at the valley below me and then scream at the top of my lungs, "I CANNOT DO THIS ANYMORE!!!" But more like this, "IIIIIIIIIII!!!! CAAAAAAAN!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!! DOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! THIIIIIIIIIIIS!!!!!! ANYYYYYYYY!!!!!! MOOOOOOOOOOORE!!!!!!!" So long and so loud. And then I'd stay up there and have a nice long, purging cry and hike back down.

Summer makes me feel like something is wrong with me. Well, I always feel like something is wrong with me. Summer just makes it even worse. Why does everyone around me seem to be enjoying the heat and the sun and every single water related leisurely activity known to man? Why? I hate all of that. I can't do it. Something's wrong with me. There was actually a dusting of snow on that Mt. Timpanogos last Saturday and I cried. I am crying again thinking about it.

It rained the first two days of school. Danny cried the second day. "I am not going to school!" It was horrible. I carried him to the car. Good thing he's not big on kicking and hitting along with his crying. First grade was hard for him, all the way up to the very end. He'd say stuff like, "Isn't there such a thing as home school? Like Home. School. Kids just go to school at home?" Ug. I cried a lot last year. He did too. I prayed a lot too.

I hoped this year would be better. I am an anxious wreck every morning before school. I feel like I'm walking on emotional eggshells around him. Say positive things about school but not too many so that I irk him and send him the opposite direction. I hug him and kiss him and tell him that he's brave and strong and I believe in him. I hold him on my lap every morning before school and say a prayer out loud just for him. I pray for his teacher and for his classmates. I even pray for the recess duty ladies.

I've at least figured out that Danny's biggest worry about school is not being safe. He needs to be where he can see an adult at all times. On Monday I mentioned to the duty lady that he gets very worried before school starts and they are lined up outside if he can't see an adult. You know what she said, "Oh, that's no problem. I'll just stand over here where he can see me. And I'll wait until all the second graders are in the building before I leave." I walked away from that and cried in the car. And I decided then and there that if you have the chance to just be a little kinder to someone who needs it, do it.

And of course Cate just practically skips to her classroom. She's happy and chatty all morning before school. No tears. No worries. And I wonder how they can be so different. And I also wonder what that would've been like last year to have no tears and no anxiety about school. All those parents with happy school kids, they're lucky.

This doesn't get easier. It just changes. And so do I and so do they. They're mine and I love them and I'm doing the best I can.