Saturday, February 28, 2015

the secret to eating the perfect hard boiled egg

I try to eat 2 hard boiled eggs every day for lunch. They have to be cold out of the fridge though or else I'll gag. And lots of salt must be involved or more gagging. I'm sure there are other things I could eat for lunch that would make for a more pleasurable experience but eggs are cheap and fast and healthy. I don't like to waste time. So it's hard boiled eggs and baby carrots. Mostly every day.

Today I figured it out. The secret. Part of the gagging problem with my hard boiled eggs is the whites. They are a necessary evil. I'd much rather just eat a bowl of cooked egg yolks but that seems weird and a little bit gross too. I hate eating the egg and having a bite full of white and a tiny bit of yolk. Ick. Here's the secret: BUY SMALL EGGS! I mean duh. Big eggs for breakfast when they get fried up in the pan. Tiniest eggs I can buy for making hard boiled eggs. The whites are barely even there and the yolk feels huge. It really is the simple things in life that can bring such happiness.

And now the family update for February:

Cate has been wearing pants again. It's been strictly dresses for months. The pants are actually leggings. I think those count as pants for a 6-year-old. She stretches them all the way down to her toes and then puts on her flats. It looks like she's wearing tights. She's crazy and I let her do it because I pick my battles. She went to her first BYU sporting event last weekend. We went to a men's volleyball game. She was pretty excited to hear the fight song sung by the crowd. And then she got smacked on the cheek with a stray ball.

Danny is pretty much a basketball-watching fool. There's plenty of it on tv right now so he's a happy boy. This morning I asked him what his plans were for the day. "Watch basketball from 10 until 10." I told him that was 12 hours and a lot of basketball watching. He replied, "Maybe 10 until midnight then." He goes to his job every day (second grade is hard work) and expects to do his thing on Saturdays. Right now his thing is basketball.

Dan has been doing a good job of folding towels and socks and keeping up with the ironing. He gave me a box of See's chocolates for Valentine's Day. How is it that he does that every year but I forget and feel happily surprised every time? Cate helped herself to 4 of the chocolates but didn't like the insides and spit them out. She's grounded.

I'm going on 2 months of drinking a gallon of water every day. I'm quite proud of myself.