Tuesday, March 31, 2015

like a lion it comes

Oh, March. You totally kicked my trash. You only gave me one snow day and pretty much zero rain. What the heck? Go to your room. You're grounded. The only reason I'm sad to see you end is that it means summer is one month closer and I'm not sure I'll survive that beastly season.

Don't even get me started on that stupid daylight saving time thing. I need my evenings dark so I can feel like the day is over and I can give myself respite from the laundry pile. If the sun is up, I feel like I have to keep on working. It's painful. If the sun is up, my kids feel like they need to keep on keepin' on too. That's the opposite of doing homework, baths and bedtime. Oh, heaven help me.

BUT the good news is that Dan and I made it to 17 years on the 27th! The traditional gift for the 17th anniversary is furniture. We didn't get new furniture though. Dan did buy me a much needed new phone though so that's good. The celebratory weekend away from the kids didn't happen due to family commitments so I tried not to be too dramatic and sad about it and decided to just include the kids instead. So we went bowling and watched the BYU men's volleyball team lose.

None of that really matters though because I've got two beautiful, healthy kids and a kind, loving husband. I kiss them and hug them and thank my lucky stars for them.

p.s. That up there is why I hate smiling in pictures. Wrinkles, crooked smile and chiiiiiiiiinnnnnnssss! But I'm posting it anyway because we made it to 17 years and I'm proud of us.

p.p.s. How am I old enough to have been married for 17 years?