Tuesday, March 9, 2010

an escape to Zupas

Remember my facebook miracle friend, Arlene?

She helped me escape the house of coughing, runny noses and crankiness last night.
(Thanks for tending the kidlets, Dan. Sorry for making you eat cheap pizza for dinner.)
If she hadn't come over, I might have just run away from home anyway.
This sickness had better leave my house soon or I am going to lose my mind.
(what little there is left of it)

Arlene and I went to eat dinner at Zupas.
It was yummy.
I ate the same thing I always get there.
Chicken Enchilada Chili and a Turkey Bacon Avocado Panini Sandwich
and a chocolate dipped strawberry
The chocolate was cheap.
The strawberry was divine.

As if rescuing me from the house of coughing, runny noses and crankiness wasn't enough,
Arlene came back to my house and showed me how to use my camera properly.

the camera I've owned for as long as Danny's been alive
the camera I thought was broken because I couldn't take close-up pictures in focus
the camera that has sand inside the lens from taking pictures on the "beach" in Green River

Who knew all I had to do was click one little button?
Obviously not me.
I guess it would help to read an instruction book once in a while.
Look at this beautiful picture she took.

My friend (and camera guru) is moving to Texas in a week.
I'm going to miss her.

Next time I eat at Zupas, Arlene, I'm going to take a close-up picture of my bowl of Chicken Enchilada Chili and think of you.

Adios, amiga!


Colorado Kid said...

EOUWWWWWWWWW I look like a nightmare!!! Photoshop me out!!!

I loved our visit. I didn't cry for 3 blocks when I left.

Adios my first UT amiga!

Judy said...

Cathy, why did you never ask me? I could've shown you the magic button.

Zipdinger said...

I'm glad you got a very well-deserved break from the munchkins!! Props to Dan for stepping up. And...that IS an amazing picture she took! I can almost taste it.

Cathy said...

Arlene, you look dreamy. I have no idea how to Photoshop you out. If I did, I would have removed that Diet Dr. Pepper can myself.

Judy, I just always thought my camera was broken. I never thought to ask. I'm a dummy that way.

Tiffany, it was a nice break. I'm ready for another one already.

Ella said...

I'm really excited to see some awesome close ups on your blog now. All of your pics are always great. I am really sad for you that Arlene is moving. I hate that. That was so sweet of her to rescue you!