Friday, December 11, 2009

because he's three

photo by Candis, of course

...he thinks he needs three of everything

"Bee-duz I am freeee!"

(said while holding up three fingers)

band aids

bedtime stories


t.v. shows



pieces of cheese

you name it

and he'll think he needs three of it.


"Bee-duz I am freeee!"

Unless it's something he doesn't want


green beans

pear chunks

banana slices

anything healthy.

Then he thinks he only needs one
because Cate is one.

Or if it's something he really really wants



minutes that I have to stay with him after bedtime prayers

Handy Manny tools at Target.

Then he thinks he needs five
because Ricky is five.

And because he's three,
he made a little trip to the doctor's office yesterday.

(Yes, he's been three for three weeks.
We were a little busy being out of the state on his actual birthday,
and then out of the country for a week.)

I'm not sure if it'll continue,
but Danny was exceptionally well behaved for the nurse and the doctor.
I was in awe. I didn't know he had it in him.

The nurse checked his weight

(36 pounds...90th percentile)

and his height

(39 inches...90th percentile)

and his blood pressure

(115 over something...normal)

and his ears

(with a little machine to check his hearing).

Then the doctor came in.

She told him how handsome he is.
She called him Daniel (like always) and for the first time, he didn't correct her.

She told me that he failed the hearing test in his right ear.
She took a look.

Then she said the words I was hoping to never hear again,
the words I haven't heard in 27 months,

"He has an ear infection."


"And the tube has fallen out."

After a little poking around with the little pokey tool,
out came the tiny green tube covered in gunk.

I'm terribly disappointed in the ability of my camera to focus up close on smallish things.
I hope Santa reads this because I'm in need of some new photo-taking equipment.
Sorry about the blur. Just squint a little.

That little green thing on the quarter is the tube.
It's kind of shaped like a spool of thread.

(I thought I was being so clever by finding a Utah quarter to set it on for the photo.
Boo to my lazy camera for ruining the picture.)

Anyway, back to the doctor.
I asked her if I could keep the tube.
She said I could and wrapped it in a tissue for me.

So Danny's on antibiotics again and we'll go back in 2 weeks to see if he can pass the test.

And here are the three little darlings that prevented me from lounging around on my death bed (a.k.a. the couch) all morning. No rest for the sickos around here...unless you're Dan and the kids, of course.

And since Dan will ask me where I got those Santa hats,
I got them here.

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Christina said...

I hope Danny's ear infection is better soon. Both of my kids have had tubes- we'll have to see if #3 is the same.

I'm so excited for your new calling! We'll have to talk soon. I'm hoping things will be getting back to normal around here before too long.