Thursday, January 7, 2010

a facebook miracle and a mess

This is Arlene. She's my friend.

We taught at the same school many years ago. Sometimes we did fun stuff together after school.

Then one day she moved away. It wasn't too far away but it was still away.

We didn't keep in touch.

Then I found her on facebook a few weeks ago. She had just made her account un-private.

Hooray for a facebook miracle!

We met for dinner this week at Cocolito's. It's my favorite.

My kids came along and were exceptionally well behaved.

Hooray for a Cocolito's miracle!

I didn't realize how much I missed Arlene until I saw her again.

And now she's moving again, far away this time.

I'm sure we'll keep in touch.

I'm not sure if it was the food or something that was already brewing inside of me


a few hours after dinner my body decided to help start my new diet with an all natural cleansing

that kept me up most of the night with several trips to the bathroom.

The next day I stayed on the couch as much as possible.

Here's what the kids did:

not pictured above:

the yogurt smeared all over a blanket in the front room
the sticky orange juice drips on the kitchen floor
the chunks of crackers in the carpet
the empty bag of cookies on the counter
the hardened chunks of cheese on the dining room table

Don't you just love it when they help themselves?


Zipdinger said...

Aside from the food mess, that's what my living room looks like at the end of every day...we've mastered the art of cleaning up before 'bed time', though. Isn't this just what kids do??? ;) Hope you're feeling better! Oh, and I -heart- facebook miracles!!

Colorado Kid said...

Ugh. Why didn't you photoshop me a little?! The pictures of the Olds Tornadoes made me laugh! Sorry you're sick, though.

Cathy said...

I did photoshop us both, C.K. Can't you tell we've been airbrushed and we're 37% thinner? I even gave us both mascara and whitened our teeth! I'm looking out for you, friend.

And I am feeling much better.