Wednesday, January 6, 2010

kids make resolutions too

Danny and Cate were so inspired to learn that I made a resolution (or two or three) this year that they wanted to make some too.

It's taken a few days for me to share them
since Danny mostly just writes in something that resembles binary code
(lots of lowercase l's and o's that look like ones and zeros)
and also lots of squiggly circles.

Cate mostly just writes on herself or the table so translating hers was quite a feat.
It didn't do me any good to ask her to clarify things for me either
since her answer every time was a resounding "UH!"

Here they are, as far as I can tell.


1. Stop tossing the throw pillows off the couch because they used to be on the old couch and this is the new couch so they don't belong there now. Old pillows can be on a new couch. They don't make the new couch old. They make it pretty and comfy.

2. No more "fixing" the washing machine for Mama. No more throwing the clean, dry clothes on the floor to get inside the washing machine to fix it.

3. Learn the difference between the washing machine and the dryer.

4. Enjoy Primary every Sunday. Participate with a happy attitude instead of a stinky one.

5. Stop adjusting the dial on the inside of the fridge. Mama knows where it needs to be so that the food on the top shelf doesn't get frostbite. Peaches shouldn't have icicles on them when they're in the fridge.

6. Be more gentle with Cate. She might not enjoy being slammed to the ground.

7. Take care of all my "business" on the potty every single time. No accidents. Clean dry sheets every morning. It's gonna be embarrassing for my baby sister to be fully potty trained before me.

8. Learn how to share toys and like it.

9. Stop being afraid of the new shower head that Grama Bama gave Daddy for Christmas. They're just lights. It's nothing to be afraid of.

10. Drink more water, less chocolate milk.


1. No more "helping" Danny "fix" the dryer.

2. No more crying at nap time. Pretty sure that's getting old and Mama is over it.

3. No more crying at bed time. That's getting old too.

4. No more puking on purpose. Puking when I'm sick is ok though.

5. Point to body parts correctly when prompted. No more pointing to my tongue and laughing every time.

6. Enjoy bath time every night. Participate with a happy attitude instead of a stinky one.

7. Learn how to share toys and like it.

8. No more biting people and then laughing. Apparently, it's not as funny as I think.

9. Stop putting things in the VCR. Cheese does not belong in the VCR.

10. Add lots and lots and lots and lots of words to my vocabulary. Communicating with Mama could be a lot less frustrating that way.

As for my resolutions,

let it go

deal with it

get over it


move on