Wednesday, April 21, 2010

junk in her trunk

I was doing a little bit of organizing Monday morning. I removed winter clothes from drawers and closets to make room for summer stuff. Cate got in on the action in her room. She kept pulling out her bloomers from the bottom drawer and handing them to me. I'd say, "Do you want to put these on?" And she'd reply, "Yeah!"

So that's what we did. I think she ended up wearing every pair of bloomers that she owns. And two swimsuits as well. Her bum grew to twice its size (maybe even thrice). She couldn't bend over. She was having trouble walking. It was quite funny (at least to me).

I suggested we go outside to wait for Kris to come home from preschool. She thought that was a great idea. "Do you want to go out front?" "Yeah!"

I started taking the bloomers off. She let me remove one of the swimsuits but the other one had to stay. I obliged. When I took some pants out of her drawer she said, "No no no no no!"

I put on her socks and let her pick out some shoes to wear. She chose the winter boots that I had set on the floor to pack away. Fine with me. So with that, we headed outside to wait for Kris.
And to work on tanning those chubby little thighs.


Christie said...

That is the funniest thing I have seen all day. Totally cracks me up. Why can't I be that obliviously happy about the junk in my trunk?

~j. said...

I love those stripey socks.

g said...

Those are awesome pictures--definitely some for the wedding video :D