Friday, April 16, 2010

frequently asked questions

photo of Anakin Skywalker taken by Uncle Tony

from Danny's mouth

Who turns into Darth Vader?
Why does Anakin turn into Darth Vader?
Why does Luke have a blue light saber?
How many times do I have to poop?
What happens if I drop that in the potty?
What's in here?
Why does Luke Skywalker have hair?
Is Judy's baby out of her tummy?
Remember when I go to bed I leave my hair on?
Mama, are you tired?
Are Jarrett and Kris here yet?
Can I watch Wubbzy?
Are you a perfect mama or a bad mama?
Is Luke bad or perfect?
Is this how you do Rock On?

from Cate's mouth


from Dan's mouth

Could I take the trash out now?
Am I snoring too loudly for you to sleep again?
How did I ever get so lucky to have you as my wife?
Did you really spend an entire nap time ironing all those shirts for me?
You packed a lunch for me to take to school again?
Are you sure you didn't go to culinary school?
Have I told you lately that I love you?

from my mouth

How much weight do you think I could lose if I cut my hair?


designHER Momma said...

ha! This is too cute. I wish all i had to do was cut my hair to loose some of this baby weight...

g said...

LOL! Those questions are too funny! Your family is so adorable--they're definitely keepers :)

Colorado Kid (Arlene) said...

Dan is every woman's dream.