Saturday, May 5, 2012

what a day this has been

You know what I like? Having a good day.
Today was a good day.
Our across the street neighbors had a yard sale this morning.
Cate used her own money to buy a birdhouse and some glow sticks.
Danny bought 2 stuffed animals and a birthday present for Dan.
I bought a ladder. I'm not a yard sale kind of girl but the kids sure had fun.

Then Cate suggested we go see Freckles again.
We were just in time to help feed him his bottle.
He's got company now too.
Johnny and Whitey
(but Glenda said they're calling him Blanco today to celebrate the Cinco)

We were also just in time to miss out on seeing Freckles become a wether.
Eeek. I'm glad we missed that.

Our kind neighbors sent us on our way with an armful of rhubarb.

We did a little bit of yard work (a very little bit since it was a tad chilly out)
and then buckled up and headed to lunch.

(I wonder if I'll ever get tired of taking pictures of kids sleeping in the car. I think not.)

We headed to Cocolito's for a proper Cinco de Mayo feast.

Taquitos for me. They're my favorite.
Chimichanga for Dan.
Cate at my olives.

After our lovely lunch we zoomed down to the Bean Museum for a little free entertainment.
Cate was super excited. 
She was walking around pointing to the animals and naming them.
She found a puma (which was really a leopard),
a dinosaur (which was actually a rhino)
and a pokey-pine (you can figure out what that was I think).

I told her to go stand on the other side of the glass so I could take her picture with this dik-dik.
The smooshing her face against the glass was all her idea.

Danny found an elephant.

Dan found a bear.

And I found a cape buffalo.

When we'd had our fill of stuffed animals we headed down to campus.

I suggested Dan look around the bookstore for something he'd like for his birthday.
He didn't find anything but I did.

That's for me, not him.
I'm excited for football season to start again.
I think my neighbor will love some Y cookies to snack on.
Maybe I'll even learn how to properly frost them.

The kids got new cups since Danny's other one broke.
This one was 50% off and cheaper than the cheapo plastic ones we found.
Cate got one too. 
We must keep balance in the universe of course.

After all that bookstore fun we headed outside.
It was a beautiful day.
Sunny and a little chilly.

The kids had a blast rolling down hills.
I had a blast watching them.
Especially Cate.
She needs a lot of practice.
Most of the time she just rolled sideways instead of down.

I think some day the kiddos will be big enough to hike up to the big Y.
I've never done it before.
I'm not sure how I managed to graduate without ever hiking up there but I did.

We walked back to the car...

and found more hills to roll down.
Big hills.
Then we plopped down on the grass and attempted a family picture.

Danny didn't like this one.
He saw it on my phone and said he looked crazy.
I think he's right.

I like this one much better.
Dan is super duper sunny but I think I look superb.
From this angle my wrinkles and double chin all but disappear.

We came home.
I made rhubarb bread while the kids played with neighbor friends.
I hope the bread tastes better than it looks.

I made some rings with leftover wire and beads.
I made one that looks like these.
Then I made another one inspired by my bird nest necklace.

Dan gave the kids a bath while I went to the gym
(in an attempt to work off some of that lunch).

According to the internet and my reflection in the mirror,
I'm a pear.
I'm working on bulking up my arms and chesty area.
Just trying to get a little balance.

Balance is good.

Spending time with the family instead of doing yard work and laundry is good too.

I think we should try this more often.


Marisa said...

When (not if) I come visit you, we must go to Cocolito's for taquitos.

And I think I shall call them pokey pines from this moment on. Adorable!

Jaymerz said...

I think I need one of those cookie cutters :), funny we were hiking the Y yesterday, it is not to bad (says my poor hips who hurt today).

Janell R. Cropper said...

I have a killer recipe for strawberry rhubarb pie if you need to use that yummy stuff :) and still have yet to go to the bean museum.

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

I think you guys are the cutest little family. Everyone needs a good day like this.

Arlene said...

I get so homesick for UT and U when I read your blog.