Thursday, September 15, 2011

game on, lady!

Well, lookee here what my neighbor brought over on Saturday. Ain't she sweet? She brought us a little snack to eat during the football game.

I took one look at that red bow and her carefully cut out newspaper clippings and thought, "Game on, lady! Game on!"

She doesn't know who she's messin' with.

When I saw her later in the day and thanked her for the cookies, she had a little smirk on her lips and a twinkle in her eye. Oh, she thought she'd one-upped me. She thinks she's so clever. You know what she's done? She's given me just what I need to get through this college football season. A reason to bake and decorate with blue and white clear until December.

Oh, my creative wheels are a turnin' and I can't wait. I told her Saturday's my turn. I'm thinking I'll make the Jimmer cakes again. She and her loved ones can be snacking on blue velvet cake during the big game (and those blue velvet cakes will probably turn their lips and tongues blue but don't tell her that). I just hope she doesn't feed them to the dog instead. I don't know what such a huge amount of blue food coloring does to their innards (or what comes out of their innards).

I'm unofficially naming this the BYU vs. Utah Bake Off of 2011. She doesn't know what she's started. Well, I guess I started it with the cougar cookies I gave her a few weeks ago. But she's moved it along to what it's now become in my mind. The Bake Off of champions.

The dumb thing about it is that our teams are actually playing each other on Saturday. We're playing our biggest rivals on the third game of the season. Dumb. I feel like there's nothing to work up to now. You know, start with cookies, move to cupcakes, then bring out the big guns. Triple layer fondant covered blue and white wedding cake kind of BIG. That might have been a bit much so I'll just go with the blue velvet cupcakes and see where the season takes me.

I've never been so excited for football Saturdays!

And as much as I'd like to say that her Ute cookies were yucky, they weren't. The best way to eat oatmeal and raisins is in the shape of a cookie. She's a formidable contender. This is going to be fun!

The other thought I had when I saw that package of goodies with the red bow (right after thinking Game on, lady! Game on!) was this scene from The Cosby Show. Now, if you're too young to remember watching The Cosby Show, I feel very sorry for you. You missed out on some excellent television.

Just clicky here to watch it. I dare you to watch that without smiling and possibly even laughing out loud like I did. And I don't easily laugh out loud.

Chaaaallonge, dear neighbor. Chaaaallonge!


Marisa said...

"Chaaallonge!" My favorite episode ever.

Christie said...

My son's deacon's quorum adviser played football for the U. We bleed true blue around here. They are always talking smack to each other. I'm thinking we'll be making these and dropping some off for a little Challenge of our own. Thanks for the fabulous idea!

Janell R. Cropper said...

Love me some Cosby show! :) And if I see any awesome blue dessert ideas, I'll send them your way! Go Cougars!

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

I think you cursed them. You should have made blue(berry) turnovers.

Cathy said...

Careful, Arlene. If you weren't my friend I might have to delete your mean spirited comment. You're treading on thin ice, young lady.