Wednesday, September 14, 2011

let sleeping dogs lie

When there are
three kids and
a quiet house
and you're
busy washing dishes
or folding laundry
or some such housewifey duty,
don't get the nonsense idea to go check on anybody.
They're probably fine.
If you do go check,
good grief, don't let them see you
(even though you can't resist taking a picture
since this kind of quiet playing nicely together
doesn't happen every day).
Just snap the picture and get outta there quick like!

picture above taken at 11:17:22 a.m.
picture below, exactly 11 seconds later
He's trying to climb up my leg.
If he could talk he'd say

Way to ruin a perfectly good super quiet cousins playing nicely together situation.
Next time, let sleeping dogs lie.
Or just let the happy kids play.
Or get a quieter camera.


Nita Davis said...

:D cute and so very wise!

Chrisanne said...

I remember learning, relearning and learning again that lesson when Ev was a newborn/at night sleeping ;) The pictures are priceless though!

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

My dog does the same thing when he sees a camera.