Monday, September 12, 2011

sunday the eleventh

After a little church and a little lunch (and while Dan snoooooozed away on the bottom bunk), I took the kids for a drive. We ended up at the school where I used to teach.

The school where I spent every minute of daylight on September 11, 2001. I spent quite a bit of not-so-light minutes there too seeing as how I got to school before the sun came up. And then there's the fun part of having to stay at school into the evening because we had a math night planned to introduce parents to the new math program and my principal didn't want to reschedule.

As soon as we got to the school the kids took off running. Look at all that green grass! I think it just screams at kids to run! run! run!

There's a stream on the other side of the hill. It didn't take long for them to discover it. Boy, was I nervous the whole time. It wasn't very deep at all but the thought of them falling in was not pleasant.

We made it back to the school grounds and found the big map.

I showed Danny where Grama Bama lives.

Then he walked across the map to show me where we drove with her on our trip...

and ended up smiling in Utah.

Cate could have stayed on the swings all day if I let her.

She was in some kind of mood and wouldn't give me any smiles.

The kids pretended to be cars when we found this little road running behind the park. We were going to follow it until it ended. The further we got the more I realized that we were walking in people's backyards. Very strange. It felt like we were intruding. And then Cate had to pee so back we went.

The weather was perfect. Cloudy and cool. The kids were good. I hoped it would make them tired for a nap when we got home. It made Cate tired. She fell asleep when we were about 2 minutes from the house. I just love it when she does that.

She woke up and decided to practice her name.

I think she's getting pretty good.

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Arlene (CO Kid) said...

I got a little excited to see my old school and path. I loved rubbernecking into peoples houses that lived along it.

I remember that day and talking with you as it was all unfolding....