Thursday, September 8, 2011

they're happy, really they are

Such a happy kid on his first day of preschool.

Not really first day ever, he's been before. First day of his last year of preschool we'll call it.

First day ever for the happy little sister. I'm very tempted to dress them all matchy and cute every time. I'll try to resist.

Yes, I do know that pink and purple fake Crocs do not really coordinate well with navy blue. Try telling her that. All of her other shoes HURT! Not those, they hurt! Not those ones, they hurt! Oh, it's a rough life when you're so incredibly picky about your footwear.

I dropped them off and guess what, I didn't cry. Didn't even think about crying. I might have done a little happy dance on my walk back to the car.

They went in happily and came out the same way. I love happy preschoolers.

Today I was so distracted with happiness as we walked out the door to leave that I forgot to close it. I drove them to preschool and came home to a wide open door.



Marisa said...

Oh no! Oops. Glad no strangers decided to make themselves at home. And glad your two preschoolers had a good day! What on Earth will you do with ALL that time to yourself? ;)

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

Ha....he cracks me up! I hope your million dollar cat didn't get out!