Tuesday, June 1, 2010

first day of preschool

Danny's at preschool right now. It's his first day. We'll see how it went in about an hour. He was happy to stay there with Kris. He gave me a hug and a kiss and told me I could be gone for four minutes. Then he went off to play with some toys that were spread out on a table.

Cate and I walked the track upstairs for a mile before leaving him there. I wanted to stay so I could go back to the classroom in case he had second thoughts about staying. I don't remember how long it took me to walk the mile. Probably some embarrassingly long amount of time.

We went back downstairs and peeked in the window to his classroom. The kids were all sitting on the floor listening to the teacher. He and Kris were at the very front, almost sitting on the teacher's feet. I guess Danny already knows that the straight A kids always sit up front.

Cate and I left and came home. I planned to put her down for a nap. She had other plans. She cried and said Danny over and over. I guess she misses her big brother. She's playing with her dolls instead. I'm feeling nervous and hoping Danny comes back in the same pants that he left in (meaning that he made it to the bathroom in time).

And I'm wondering what the teachers are thinking about me right now. I sent my boy to school wearing his Star Wars shirt, Buzz Lightyear shoes and Handy Manny backpack.


Glenora said...

I just cried. He looks so tall and by the way, is that the Kemp gap I spotted between his front teeth?

Cathy said...

Hopefully those were happy tears, Mom. And I do believe it's the Kemp gap in between his front teeth. Unfortunately, it's the Kemp gap in between each and every one of his teeth. We're saving a fortune by not having to buy floss for him.

HunDuddle Hussy said...

ooooh la la. this blog is so clean and fresh, just the way i like em!

nice meetin ya sista at the cbc.

Ella said...

Well, I WAS going to comment on how adorable the first day of preschool pics were, but now I can only think about the fact that you became conference besties with a girl by the name of HunDuddle Hussy.

Michelle said...

You're not a nobody! Your kids are SO adorable!!! And congrads on losing 22 lbs.!!! I basically stopped my family blog a few months ago because I am so busy and reading yours makes me want to get caught up!

Colorado Kid (Arlene) said...

I can't believe he is in preschool. I almost cried that Kate missed him.


Colorado Kid (Arlene) said...

How did you round the corners on your pictures? Did you learn that at the blogger bonanza? I'm still waiting for that one. :)