Sunday, September 4, 2011

cougar cookies

I made some cougar cookies yesterday to celebrate the first game of the season. I just used my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and stirred in a bag of these...

instead of chocolate chips. Last year I just let Dan eat them plain. This year, cougar cookies.

I let the kidlets help. They're getting good at retrieving ingredients from the pantry for me. Danny thinks he's getting pretty big muscles from lugging the flour container.

And Cate can now bring me the baking soda and vanilla without reading the labels (which is helpful since she can't read).

Sadly, Danny was not impressed with the cookies. He wanted chocolate chips. I can't say that I blame him though. Mint and chocolate is not my favorite combination. But the candies are the right colors so I used them.

We bagged some up with a nice little cougar blue ribbon...

and went across the street to deliver them to our favorite Ute-loving neighbors. I told Danny to tell Carolyn "Go Cougars!" when he handed the baggie over to her. He did. It was great. She was happy and thankful, even though she said she wasn't going to tell Emo that they were cougar cookies. I guess he might not eat them if he knew that.

I took Danny over to the cousins' house to play video games while Dan watched the game in peace. Well, mostly peace. Cate went to her room for Quiet Time but apparently didn't really sleep. Oh, well. I tried.

After dinner (pizza that I did not make) we chilled in the front yard for a bit.

Dan practiced lifting weights.

Then we posed in front of the flag. I guess it's become our tradition.

Remember the first time after I bought the flag 2 years ago?

They were so little! Danny was 2 and Cate still didn't know how to walk.

This year it was a little more difficult to get them to just stand still and say cheese.

And just smile for cryin' out loud!

That's ok though.

Goofy pictures with nobody posing the way I want them to is part of the fun, right?


Cate wore one of her favorite dresses to church today (thanks, Janell!). It's the same one she wore last year:

It still fits and she's still just as adorable.

Go Cougars!

And lest Grama Bama feel left out, War Eagle!


Janell R. Cropper said...

I want those cookies. And I'm glad that her dress still fits :) Lillie's is too small now, and I can't find fabric anywhere for a new one. And go War Eagles too! Although, I haven't seen Utah State play a game that great in a long long long long time :)

debra said...

The cookies were really good. I don't think you should have brought quite so many of them. I made sure my children didn't eat too many.

Cathy said...

I had give you lots or else I would have eaten them myself. Plus, you've got more mouths to feed over at your house.