Friday, May 8, 2009


This is Emo.
Danny calls him Mee-mo.
He's our across-the-street neighbor.

He loves tractors.
So does Danny.

Emo spiffed up this tractor from Grandma's house and gave it back to Danny for Christmas 2 years ago. (And by "spiffed up" I mean that he took the entire thing apart, cleaned it, put it back together, painted it, found a front wheel, put Danny's name on the sides, and much more.) Danny rides it almost every day.

He also wants to go to Emo's house almost every day. Emo's backyard is heaven for Danny. He's got tractors and wagons and lots of other stuff that goes.

Here's what Danny got to "drive" yesterday. He'll probably be doing it many more times if he can drag me over there with him.

I have an old t-shirt that I like to wear as part of my snazzy pajamas ensemble. On it are several Dr. Seuss characters. Danny likes to point to each one and have me name them.

The Cat in the Hat

Horton the Elephant

The Sneetches

Sam I Am

The Grinch

But when he points to the Lorax,
he tells me who it is.

Every time.

"Dat Mee-mo."

Around these parts, Emo is the Lorax.

I don't think he speaks for the trees, but I'm pretty sure Emo has lots of nice things to say about John Deere.

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Christina said...

That is hilarious! I bet Emo would be flattered. Sam has a tractor obsession, too. Maybe we need to take a field trip to Emo's house.