Friday, July 8, 2011

friday night videos: a walk in the snow

January 20, 2010

Cate turned 19 months old the next day. She'd only been walking for about 6 weeks.

A late bloomer.

I love watching that new walk. A little bit bow legged. Like she still has to think about each step.

Those boots. I loved those boots.

That hat. Grandma made it. It fit her for a long time.

I love hearing the crunch crunch of the snow.

I miss the snow.

I don't like summer.

I know most people love summer.

I don't.

The heat. The dread of wearing a swimsuit. The sun. The looooooooong days.

Did I already mention the heat?

We're heading into the hottest days of the year right now.

Some people lament the fact that summer is just flying by so quickly.

Not me.

I miss the snow.


Marisa said...

Oh, goodness. Me too. I was just thinking the other day, while walking down the street sweating in 80 degree heat (*only* 80), that since summer is here now, fall and winter are just around the corner. I can make it.

Just a couple more months. . .

Judy said...

She looks so big! I'm used to seeing Raymond walk like that and he's so little. You're crazy. I am sooooo much happier in the summer. Weird how we could be so opposite on this one.

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

I have to go into Hobby Lobby in the fall and Christmas aisles already just for hope that summer will end. And they have the AC on super cold.

Like you, I miss snow.