Sunday, January 3, 2010

pink winter footwear

Those other boots might have been made for crawlin',
but these boots were totally made for walkin'

mostly in the snow

and don't even think about picking her up and
carrying her into the house instead of just letting her walk
all by her little self
even if she's really slow and likes to stop and eat snow the entire time

and don't be grossed out when she eats the snow off these boots
as soon as she gets inside
because it's mostly just the snow that stuck to the sides of the boots
and not the really dirty stuff on the soles.

p.s. Yes, I am fully aware that it is not appropriate to allow a toddler to sit on the kitchen table. I also know that it is not good manners to let her walk on it. She is able to pull out a chair, climb on it and hoist herself onto the table. What's a good mom to do? Take pictures, of course. She had a long talking-to and I'm sure she'll never pull that stunt again. Can't you tell that Grama Bama and I did not make it seem like a pleasant experience for her in the least bit? And yes, I realize that it's not safe for a little girl to be standing or walking on the kitchen table. What do you think Grama Bama is standing right there for? Just forget about all that and focus on the boots. They're just oozing with cuteness.


Colorado Kid said...

HAHA! I dreamt about you and some of our old times at Cedar Ridge last night after loooking back on your blog last night! I think I'm craving Cocolitas now! I need to meet this boot wearing table walking beauty and Danny in person before we move! And see you, of course! Did you get a camera for Christmas?

JCM said...

That little girl can walk on my table in those adorable boots any time!

Cathy said...

C.K., let's meet at Cocolito's! You bring your camera (because no, I didn't get one for Christmas) and I'll bring my kids. Plus, I'm hungry.