Monday, January 4, 2010

he's a sunbeam now

My little ray of sunshine
is now a bona fide

His first time in Primary went about as well as I expected.
I was a little worried earlier that morning when he told me he'd rather go to nursery.
This from the kid who hated nursery for 19 months.

I'm hoping next Sunday is better.

that Dan doesn't stay with him the entire time again
that his real teachers come (no offense to the sub)
that I don't hear his cries down the hall when it's time to go to his classroom again
that he keeps his necktie on
that he does the hand motions for the songs instead of keeping his hands in his pockets
that he stands up for the song instead of not standing up

that Cate doesn't cry for the first 20 minutes of nursery
that she doesn't fall asleep in nursery because that really screwed up her afternoon nap
(and by screwed up I mean she did not take one until 5:30 that evening, on my lap, in the front room)


and most of all



Dan said...

Okay, I won't stay with Danny the entire time this Sunday.
It's more fun in primary. The High Priests won't let me color!

Colorado Kid said...

Ha, Dan! Look at that face! Just the right balance of perfection and stinkerness! I would go to Primary to be his buddy!

Cathy said...

Dan, they'd let you color. You just have to get up real close when you ask, sonny?