Sunday, July 10, 2011

nine on the ninth

first: Woke up at 9:41 because my kind and loving husband let me sleep in. I then sat in the front room watching Cate twirl around and do summersaults all over the floor. I don't think she sat still for 5 minutes straight.

second: Looked at this bowl of gross looking bananas and figured I'd better do some baking. Later in the day I made banana bread with three of them and stuck the rest in the freezer. Is it ok to freeze gross looking bananas? I've never done it before. The thought of making three batches of banana bread didn't appeal to me. Neither did the thought of watching little fruit flies buzzing all over my kitchen.

third: Applied the wrinkle patches my sister gave me for my birthday. I think they worked. The hideous wrinkles aren't gone but I'm pretty sure they plumped up a tiny bit. I'm satisfied. I'll use the last two patches in a few weeks so my face will be freshly plumped up for my high school reunion. Yikes.

fourth: Played a few rounds of Words With Friends with my bro-in-law. He proclaimed it the world's slowest Scrabble game EVER. Maybe so. If you're interested in playing an excruciatingly slow game with me, look me up. I'd love to kick your trash too. I take no prisoners.

fifth: Examined the garden. The zucchini plant is ginormous. The tomato plants look like they're ready to take over the world. And I'm wondering if that banana pepper is ready to be picked. Arlene? I'm looking at you.

sixth: Put down Cate for her Quiet Time (don't make the mistake of calling it a nap). She still had on her nightgown because sometimes we just don't bother to get dressed for the day around here. Snuggled in beside her you will find Idda and Mo. Right beside Mo, but cropped out of this picture, Piss. I am not even kidding you. She named one of her dolls Piss.

seventh: Took the kids to the splash pad for the first time ever. Oh, glorious splash pad, I love you so! Why did we wait so long? The kids get wet. It's not too far away from our house. It's free! And the best part, I don't have to wear a swimsuit! We'll be back. Who wants to come?

eighth: Ate dinner at Denny's and saw a rainbow out our window. Kids eat free on Saturdays and we are super duper classy folk. In our defense, we did try to eat at Purple Pig Pizza first but they only accept cash. By the time we got back from the ATM, they were 7:20 on a Saturday night. Not sure what's up with that but maybe it's a good thing. See that building on the right in the picture? That's Walgreens. The sign in front was advertising that walk-ins are welcome for Shingles Shots. Am I missing something? I understand having a sign advertising flu shots but shingles?

ninth: Made peanut butter fingers at 10:15 on a Saturday night. I lead a glamorous and exciting life. The picture is from this morning. Better lighting. Sunday morning peanut butter fingers taste just as good as the Saturday night ones though. You have my word.

A few bonus pictures from the splash pad because my kids are just so dang cute.

A bonus tid bit from today because Cate is just so dang funny.

me: Catie Bug, come get dressed.

her: Say the secret words first.

me: What are the secret words.


She kills me. In a good way of course.


Dan said...

First: It was your turn. I'd slept in all week.
Sixth: Cathy sleeps in and Cate stays in her nightgown until nap time. I wonder who is to blame?
Seventh: The downside is you don't get a workout lifting Cate out of the pool a million times so she can jump back in.
Eighth: We is classy, that fo show!
Ninth: True sign that public education is going downhill -- no more peanut butter fingers in school lunches.
Bonus pictures: The first one is soooo artistic!
The second one features the best sunglasses ever! I like them best on Glenora.
Bonus tid bit: Cate ain't that funny!

colds1 said...

I freeze gross looking bananas all the time and they work great. Whether it is okay to do or not, I'm not saying ...

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

Did you peel the bananas before freezing? I hope so.

I liked seeing a mountain at Splash Parking lot or whatever it is that everyone I know who lives in Lehi goes to and puts pictures on their blogs about it. I just wanted to write a terrible sentence. I like your pictures there the best, of course!

Words with Friends drives me nuts. I took it off my phone or I would do it with you. We would be so fast we would probably get to go to the White House.

Great pictures. Poor Dan.

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