Friday, April 1, 2011

too much buttermilk

I've got almost a quart of buttermilk in my fridge.

It expires in 5 days.

I bought it so I could make the blue velvet Jimmer cakes a few weekends ago.

The recipe only called for one cup.

Now I've got one quart minus one cup left over.

If I was a smart cookie I would have pulled some kind of evil April Fool's prank on Dan this morning and poured out the regular milk and replaced it with buttermilk.

I wonder if he would have even noticed his Lucky Charms with buttermilk instead of 1%.

Maybe next year.

We're probably going to Grandma's house on Sunday.

I could make a cake to bring with us.

I'm thinking maybe the best chocolate sheet cake ever (which is quite tasty but uses only 1/2 cup of buttermilk) or a batch of Paula Deen's red velvet cupcakes (y'all know I love Paula so I'm leaning towards the the recipe calls for a whole cup of buttermilk and I really need to use it up).

So I'm asking you...

family who might be at Grandma's on Sunday?

other family who live in the same city as me?

friends and/or neighbors who enjoy receiving baked goods from my kitchen?

What'll it be?

Looks like I've got enough buttermilk to make several cakes and a few batches of cupcakes.

Not sure if that will happen.

I might just save some for Dan after all.

You've been warned, my dear.

p.s. Here I sit, second day in a row that my kids are elsewhere and I have the quiet house all to myself and I am blogging instead of ironing. I've got my priorities in order. That's for sure.


colds1 said...

Grandma is in CA but if you are bringing the sheet cake our door is open for you all!!! said...

try these cheesy biscuits - they are to die for!

You could also make a buttermilk pie with it.

Marisa said...

You know I love cake, but when I have lots of buttermilk leftover, I make a ton of pancakes and stick 'em in the freezer. Yep.