Thursday, March 31, 2011

clogs, gonzo and other stuff

I won these clogs from a blog giveaway a few weeks ago.

The UPS man brought them a few days ago.

I love them.

I've always wanted clogs.

These are fancy schmancy clogs with European sizes.

I feel like I have really big feet since I had to order a size 40.

I actually do have really big feet but wearing a size 40 makes them feel even bigger.

I wanted the clogs in leopard print but they were out of my size.

I settled for shiny marbled brown.

Even Scratchy likes them.

Danny came home from preschool Tuesday with the letter bag.

He had to find items starting with the letter E and bring them to school today.

The teacher takes stuff out of the bag and the kids guess which letter they all start with.

I found a plastic Easter egg and our mini Etch-a-Sketch.

Then I asked Danny to look in his stuffed animal collection to see if he had and elephant.

He told me he did have one elephant with square pants.

I told him to go get it for me because I really don't remember any elephants with square pants in this house.

Here's what he brought me.

Dan has a chair by the closet where he tosses his clothes before they make it back into the closet or into the dirty clothes.

It's a chair closet.

I came up with an extra closet of my own this week.

Baby Ray Ray sometimes naps over at my house.

I left the play pen up from a few days ago when he slept here.

I tossed all the clean clothes in it one night so we could go to bed and I wouldn't have to put them all away.

I could get used to this.

Too bad I bump into it in the middle of the night and our bedroom isn't really big enough to leave the Play Pen Clean Clothes Dumping Spot up all the time.

And check out Cate's purple butterfly undies on top.


No diapers during the day for quite a while.

I'm beyond thrilled.


It's the little things like purple butterfly undies that are making me happy these days.

This is what grandmas are for.

They stayed like that for a good two and a half hours yesterday.

Grandmas are also good for taking your kids over to your sister's house in the morning so that you can have a few hours of PEACE and QUIET since you pretty much never get that kind of thing unless you stay up late.

Grama Bama is a good woman.

Just don't tell her that when she was watching my kids so I could have peace and quiet and get the ironing and dishes done I watched tv and blogged about clogs and Gonzo instead.


Dan said...

I always wondered what Gonzo was. So, why does an elephant like chickens?

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

Are they Danskos? Best brand ever for comfort. I'm jealous you won. No, I'm going to say something nice, I'm SO GLAD you won! I deserve them. I even mean it. :D