Wednesday, January 26, 2011

cupcakes, y'all

I went to the dollar store yesterday afternoon. All by myself!

Danny was at preschool. Cate was playing at her friends' house. Those friends are GIRLS! Hooray!

While I was searching for red ribbon (and not having to stop kids from throwing cheap toys in the cart), I found this Paula Deen cupcake mix.

I love Paula Deen. She's my favorite. I'd love to sit in her kitchen and eat grits with butter, cheese and bacon on top. She'd have to be there too, of course, or else that would just be weird.

I'm guessing her cupcakes will taste as yummy as her grits probably do.

My favorite part of this little cupcake box (that I shall be saving because I think it's a cute little size for one of my gift baxes) are the words in the blue part at the bottom.


That's what she says at the end of her show. Except I like to hear it better than to read it. When she says it, it sounds more like this:


I think I'd even eat collard greens if Paula made them for me. You know they'd be dripping in butter.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Here's some other cupcakes I found on the internet one day.

{found 'em here}

I immediately bookmarked the page because I was intrigued (mostly because I wondered why someone would ruin a perfectly good corn muffin with a big ol' piece of broccoli...and then call it a cupcake).

Ever heard of the book called Deceptively Delicious? It's written by Jerry Seinfeld's wife. I watched her on Oprah one day talking about it. It's how clever moms get their families to eat veges and other healthy stuff without the complaining. They puree cauliflower and mix it into brownies. Smooshed up carrots go into the lasagna. (Kind of making me gag just writing this.)

My sister Judy has the book. I've been at her kitchen table when she's brought a big pan of lasagna out of the oven and we play Guess Which Pureed Vege is Hidden Inside. It's a fun game.

So I'm thinking that the broccoli hidden inside a corn muffin "cupcake" is kind of like Deceptively Delicious for dummies, right? Maybe before the invention of food processors. How can I make my kid eat his broccoli? I know, I'll bake it into a muffin and call it a cupcake. Brilliant! He'll never know.

I just think it's kind of funny and a little bit gross.

I was going to save this for Dan's April Fool's joke this year. Too bad he was snooping around on my computer last night and found it. He ruined everything.

I'll just have to figure out something better. But it will have to involve broccoli.

Dan just loves broccoli.


colds1 said...

I'm all for sneaking veggies in strange places (zucchini goes in EVERYTHING), but that broccoli cupcake is revolting! Blech!

Dan said...

Well, who doesn't like broccoli? Sure, it tastes bad and gives you gas, but it looks like miniature tree.
When I first saw the "cupcake" I wanted to scream, "WHYYYYYYY?!"

Zipdinger said...

my grandma used to put carrots on the bottom of a pan of green jello. I still can't eat jello. At all.

Katie said...

I'm jealous of the cupcake mix!! What kind of Dollar Store has that? I'll be looking. I'm a HUGE Paula fan!

Broccoli Corn Muffin Cupcake huh??? Yep...that's just odd...weird...gross.



Sell...Party Of 4 said...

Van would love the "healthy" muffin, but it makes me gag.

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

Is that a cornbread muffin?

I love Paula, too! I like that I think she has one more chin than me. I would kill for her kitchen. Or your double ovens.

Best Dishes, y'all!

Chrisanne said...

By far my favorite comment of the day, "She'd have to be there too, of course, or else that would just be weird." Ah, Cathy, I miss you :)