Thursday, January 27, 2011

today I will

...try to make the kids stay in the tub for longer than 5 minutes. Don't they know bath time is supposed to be fun? They're too little to be in such a hurry. something green. I didn't do that yesterday. And m&m's don't count.

...not do a load of laundry. I won't do two loads of laundry either.

...get crafty with the kids. Paper, glue, scissors and glitter.

...probably regret the glitter. some good scissors because it seems like all my scissors have goop on them.

...not worry that my dining room table has turned into a holding spot for paper, stickers, crayons and such. We can still eat in the kitchen.

...not feel bad if I have to go to my room and close the door for a few minutes at some point this afternoon.

...remember to lock the door when I use the bathroom.

...not get upset at Cate when she removes her pull-up because there's "yucky pee-pee" in it. thankful that at least she throws the pull-up in the garbage.

...pretend that spring is right around the corner.

...make an appointment for a little color enhancing for my grays. It's getting scary.

...stay calm when no naps get taken. I don't know where they went but I miss them. A lot.

...go to bed before midnight because my children have been waking up way too early and I am tired.

...not wash the dishes more than twice, even if it means going to bed with two sinks full of dishes. I have my limits.

...probably make another batch of cakies. I'm going for three days in a row. Yesterday's was the best so far. I added a little cinnamon to the chocolate cake mix. Holy moly they were good.

...not eat as many cakies as I ate yesterday.

...not step on the scale. I think it's obvious why.

...exercise. Duh.

...make my bed and then close the door. No fun making the bed and then having kidlets jump on it. Well, fun for them I guess. patient.

...not lose my cool as many times as I did yesterday. thankful that these cousins love each other.

...make dinner.

...not worry about the things I really really need to do and just do the ones I want to do.

...hug my kids more than I did yesterday.

...kiss my kids more than I did yesterday (even if they wipe them away).

...take a shower before noon.

...put on make-up since I didn't do it yesterday.

...wrap some birthday presents.

...dig out the sewing machine box from the bottom of the closet because I'm learning how to use it tomorrow! nice. happy.


Katie said...

Love your list! Agreeing about the take a shower before noon part. How is it I can be up at the crack of dawn and get so much accomplished before lunch but still manage to be in my ratty sweatpants and hubby's tshirt and unshowered at 3pm??? Ugh!!!

Good luck today!

Judy said...

That's an awfully long list. Maybe you should just choose like 3 or 4. And maybe since you're not doing laundry I could bring mine over since my dryer is broken.

colds1 said...

My boys could teach them the joy of a long bath, especially in water that deep! We had to tell them the raisin factory was coming to take them away in order to get them out the other day!

I'm sorry about the naps. That is hard.

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

what a great list.

your kids are down right adorable.

Hunnygrams said...

Love the list! Here is mine----
Today I will...........Hang on.

Cat Glazner said...

I love your list! Its so true!! Your list is inspirational though. I NEED to do so many things on that list and I feel so overwhelmed.

It seems that there is SO much to do in a day and I hate those articles that say, in "10 minutes" you can: Lose weight, make dinner, exercise, romance with your husband, make a super cute spontaneous creative present out of panty hose, do your hair, apply make up, do gardening, clean your kitchen, organize your closets, and in 15 minutes you should totally be able to spend time with your kids, blog, FB, work full time, learn another language, and if you had a whole hour to yourself what would you do?....well since EVERYTHING else is done ..a whole flibbin hour...I'll just put on my sunday best and drown myself. =) I'm just

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

Oh man, I just remembered I forgot to send you something. I need you to make my lists. Mine have to fit on a square post it of a purple color this month.