Saturday, January 29, 2011

the last few days

Since I'm sure you're all dying to know how I did on that list from the last post, here's the update.

What I did.

What I didn't do.

Absolutely riveting. I know. You're welcome.

I did give Cate a bath. It was about 4:30 in the afternoon after she had taken no nap. She was cranky. Baths usually help pass the time until Dan gets home. I sat on the toilet (lid closed) and tried to figure out my phone while she sat in the warm water. I glanced over at her to see her falling asleep. In the tub. Sitting up, of course. Oh, it was fun to watch. Her head would nod and then the eyes would open. Over and over. Of course I wasn't going to let her face fall into the water. I was sitting right there watching her. It was a short bath. Maybe 5 mintues. Probably less. It was getting dangerous. No bath for Mr. Stinky Boy Danny that day. Oh, well.

I did eat something green. Salad. Yum.

I did not do a load of laundry (or two for that matter). I did dry a load of Judy's laundry though. Her dryer is allegedly broken.

I did get crafty with the kids. Paper, glue, scissors and this...

We made our own little version of these paper hearts I saw in my Family Fun magazine this month.

The instructions call for origami paper. Really? Who has origami paper? I don't even know where to buy origami paper. We used regular old white paper. I cut it into 6 inch squares, folded, cut and then let the kids help with the glue and glitter. Oh, boy was that fun (for them at least).

They made some...

and I made some.

Actually, I made a lot of them. Cate lost interest after about two. I think Danny made three.

With all that free time from not doing laundry, I just kept on folding, cutting, gluing and glittering.

I hung them all up on the wall in the kitchen. It was empty and just screaming for some kind of decor. I like it. Makes me feel like I have a classroom again.

Back to the list...

I did regret the glitter. The kids didn't so I guess that's what really matters. They called it "pinkles" though. Like sprinkles without the s. That entire bottle of glitter ended up in the pans. The whole thing. Kids are very heavy handed with the glitter. They just pour it on.

I did not buy any good scissors. I'll figure out a way to clean the goopy ones.

I certainly did not worry about the messy table. I've got bigger fish to fry.

I did not go to my room and close the door at any point in the afternoon. If I had, I wouldn't have felt bad about it. That's for sure.

I don't remember if I remembered to lock the bathroom door.

I did not get upset about the yucky pee-pee pull-ups.

I was thankful when she threw them in the garbage.

I did not even think about spring. Not even once. I'm thinking about it now though. How many more months?

I did not make an appointment to take care of the grays. I can't find my reminder note that was stuck to the fridge.

I did stay calm about the no naps. I'm proud of myself for that one.

I did go to bed before midnight. I'm not sure I fell asleep before midnight though.

I did not wash the dishes more than twice. I did go to bed with two sinks full of dishes. It's not the end of the world and I'm still a good person.

I did not make another batch of cakies. I ran out of cake mixes. I did buy more today though. Even a strawberry one. I'm excited to see how that tastes as cakies.

I did eat less cakies than I had the day before. That wasn't hard since I gave most of them away.

I did not step on the scale. I did yesterday and everything's fine. Phew.

I did exercise. It felt good.

I did make my bed and closed the door. No jumping on the bed.

I was patient. I'm thinking it's because I wrote it down and that made me really try. I should write it down every day. Maybe that will help.

I did not lose my cool even once. Hooray!

I was thankful about the cousin lovin'.

I did make dinner. Meatloaf and broccoli. Yum.

I did hug and kiss my kids a lot. I think they were annoyed. It was fun.

I did take a shower before noon and I put on make-up. Wow. All clean and purty.

I did not wrap any birthday presents. I am pleased to report that I have presents for six different family members sitting on my dresser waiting to be wrapped. I'm so ahead of the game. It's ridiculous.

I did dig out the sewing machine box from the bottom of the closet. Look what I learned how to do on Friday.

I have no fabric so my friend taught me how to sew on a pillowcase. I don't mean to brag or anything but I can now thread a bobbin. Thanks, Janell! You're a kind and patient teacher.

I'm pretty sure I was mostly nice and happy. At least I tried to be.

And since the title is "the last few days," a few highlights from Friday.

I did the laundry that I didn't do Thursday.

I learned how to use my sewing machine! I'm not expecting anything great. Maybe some straight lines. I have a few projects I'd like to attempt. I've got Janell on speed dial.

I made pizza.

Dan and I went on a date!

That's about it.

This morning Aunt Nancy and Grandma came down to go to our stake's Women's Conference. It was wonderful. Just what I needed to hear. We hit up the Roller Mills for some flour and baking mixes before the meeting and then Broadbent's afterward.

Look what I found there.

I've been on the hunt for the perfect key holding thingee for a very long time. I found it today. And I love it. I've made a few trips to the side door just so I can admire it. It makes me happy.

Grandma found some fabric and a few other things she couldn't live without. Aunt Nancy found a red plate. We were all winners.

Then we went to eat lunch at a burger joint. I took a picture of Danny and Cate there but it's on my cell phone. I don't know how to get the pictures off my cell phone and onto my computer. Anyone want to teach me?

We came home and chatted and I took a few pictures of the gang.

Aunt Nancy showed Scratchy some love.

Cate flipped through the coupon book on Grandma's lap.

It's been a good weekend so far. I think Dan would agree. He got to sleep in and take a nap. Does it get any better than that?

I think Danny's getting sick. He wanted to go to bed a little after 7:00 tonight. That's after taking a late nap this afternoon on the couch.

I'm going to go ahead and say that tomorrow morning I will be patient and kind while I wait for 1:00 church to start.

If writing it down doesn't help it happen, I've got a Diet Coke in the fridge that might do the trick.


Dan said...

My kids are so crafty! I can barely tell which flakes they decorated and which ones you did.
The meatloaf was good. The broccoli, not so much.
You're a sewing prodigy!
The froyo was delicious! Thanks for going with me.
Broadbent's is a Lehi treasure. Why haven't we taken my mother there before?

Glenora said...

Now I have to wonder why you have never let me teach you to sew? Hmmmm! Curious! Is it to make me seem like an incompetent mother who does not teach her daughters to sew? One must wonder about this turn of events.

Cathy said...

You better be kidding, Glenora! When you're here we're always busing babysitting or shopping or worrying about stuff. The kids are so excited to have you here that they make it hard to concentrate. How's that? Plus, if you teach us how to sew, then what will you do with all your free time while you're here?

Glenora said...

Love Cate's little tongue sticking out while concentrating so hard to get ALL the glue onto the paper!

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

Your list makes me want to take a nap. You have too much energy for this ole' lady!

You can email the photos on your phone to yourself if you want them on your computer. If you take a pic, you should have an option to "share" as (email, text, FB, etc.) and that makes it quite easy. You might have to touch the screen to get the menu to pop up or just push your menu button. You can also just attach them to an email. If you know how to email on it. I wish I could tutor you on it in person. If all else fails, go to a Verizon qiosk (is that spelled right?) and have them show you. They will be happy to.

Another option is to use your cord (it should be attached to your charger where it plugs into the wall) and download all your pictures to your computer. It should look like the end of a USB thingy. That makes the most sense if you aren't sure of the above. Of course, I seldom do this, so I have 3000 pictures on my phone.