Saturday, April 2, 2011

nonsense on a saturday night

Aunt Nancy came into town this afternoon for a little visit. We went out to eat and then ditched Dan and the kids to do a little shopping.

I saw this rodeo sign at one of the shops we stopped at. I have no idea what bulldogging is.

I have been to the Lehi Roundup Rodeo once in my life. I was 9. From what I can remember, I had to pee. My mom was there. So were some of my sisters. I guess there was no way my mom could take me to the bathroom (who knows if there were even bathrooms at the rodeo back in 1982) so she told me to just pee in my pants. And I did. I had on really dark jeans. They must have been even darker after I peed in them. I don't blame my mom. I'm sure it was crowded there and the thought of dragging me and my sisters to the bathroom (if there even was one) was probably quite overwhelming. I think I probably should have at least slipped under the bleachers and done my business there.

That might be why I haven't been to the rodeo since. Peeing my pants there must have scarred me for life. Or maybe it's because I don't understand why people ride on bulls and rope small animals for fun. I think we need to take Danny this summer though. I will not be encouraging him to pee his pants.

* * * * * * * * * *

I'm on day 4 of not feeling so hot. I think I have a sinus infection. I probably should have gone to the doctor a few days ago. I haven't been to a doctor (other than the kind that specializes in female parts) in several years. I usually just wait it out and feel better sooner or later. I'm kind of worried that some kind of infection is now in my teeth though because my molars hurt when I bend over. I'm avoiding any bending over for the next few days.

* * * * * * * * * *

Since I don't feel good, I've just been laying in bed tonight. Grama Bama and Danny are playing some kind of Mario video game. He recently came in and told me that Grama Bama had zero points. I believe him.

Cate came in and got under the covers next to me. I was clicking around the internet and had stopped on a recipe for chocolate cupcakes with raspberry butter cream. The pictures must have looked quite scrumptious to my little girl because she immediately pointed to them and said something along the lines of yummy yummy yum yum yum yum yummy yummy yum yummy yummy!! Then she said, "My want you to make some of dat cuz it weely weely is yum yum yummy yummy yum yum yum yummy!"

After the cupcakes were gone from the screen, she proceeded to play This Little Piggy on her toes. Her version went something like this: Dis piggy go to Beeees Mah-kit (that's Fresh Market, the grocery store we frequent), Dis piggy go to Beeees Mah-kit, Dis piggy go to Beeees Mah-kit, Dis piggy go to wah wah wah and go to her bed and didn't get out of her bed going to sleep Mommy Mommy there's no mommies only daddies. You go to Uncle Tony's house? He will tickle you.

Then I told her to get off my bed and go bother Daddy.

And she's right, Uncle Tony does like to tickle.

* * * * * * * * * *

Dan put a serious dent in the Shirts that Need to Be Ironed pile today. I'm proud of him.

* * * * * * * * * *

Danny asked me yesterday what month it was. I told him April. He said, "Then where's the rain?" I can hear lots of wind outside right now so maybe it's coming soon. I'm thinking they've been learning about April showers bring May flowers in preschool this week.

* * * * * * * * * *

Someone commented on my facebook post that buttermilk doesn't expire. That just seems really gross to me. Of course I had to do a little research to find out if this was true or not. I came across this article that states buttermilk doesn't have an expiration date. It's true. You can freeze it for up to two months even. I think that's what I'll do with the rest of my buttermilk. Either that or just pour it down the drain and next time I find a recipe that calls for 1 cup of buttermilk, just make my own (you can learn how somewhere in the middle of this recipe).

* * * * * * * * * *

Other stuff I found on the internet tonight while laying (or lying...I don't really care but I know Dan will correct me if I use the wrong one) on my bed tonight waiting for my head to explode:

80's Vintage Eyeglasses (stuff from the 80's is vintage??? Vintage? VINTAGE? That causes me serious feelings of oldness because I wasn't even a baby in the 80's. I spent a good part of high school in the 80's.)

A fun way to store chalk (this will come in handy since I have a plan to build a giant chalkboard on my kitchen wall)

How to make a super bouncy ball (I'm totally trying this one soon!)

Dark Chocolate Caramel Nutella Twix Bars (makes me want to lick the screen...they're sugar free that way)

* * * * * * * * * *

I took a little break from writing the nonsense you see above to help with putting kids to bed. I spent the last 40 minutes (but it felt like waaaaaay longer) reading Star Wars chapter books to Danny. I wondered why he hadn't fallen asleep after the first 10 minutes. Then I remembered that he fell asleep in the car today after we went to Beeees Mah-kit. Stupid car naps totally ruin bed time.

* * * * * * * * * *

And that's the end of this nonsense on a Saturday night. My head has not exploded yet. I just might live to see another day.


Rachelle said...

Another idea for your buttermilk dilemma is to buy the little mini cartons of buttermilk for like 33 cents that are about a cup anyway. I discovered those, and I love them! :)

JCM said...

The pain in your molars is not actually coming from your molars. I have had a gazillion sinus infections in my life and many of the times my teeth hurt as well. It's the interconnected, circle of life (or pain) kind of thing. But I do think you should go to the doctor. They have medicine that makes it all better. Get well soon - love you!

p.s. can you tell Mom & our sister that we'd like to do an ichat ya'll soon?

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

Ouch! I had a sinus infection that bad right after 9-11. I hope you went to the doc by now. (I'm a little late checking your blog.)

I make my own buttermilk, too. But if you weren't skinny, you could make Magelby's buttermilk syrup and my mom's buttermilk chocolate cake. Then you would looke like me. Or the Cafe Rio green dressing. Yes, I just made that and looked any my buttermilk does have an expiration date. I've had it go bad way too many times. So I don't believe that. I'm too tired to look at the link, though.

I miss your blog. I don't want to work or be a Pres!