Monday, April 4, 2011

a helpful tip in the backyard

My sister-in-law shared this tip with me last year. It's a good one. So is she.

Maybe you've got super duper obedient kids and when you're out in the backyard and they try to play with the water faucet and you tell them to leave the water alone, they leave it alone.

I like to believe that my kids are super duper obedient (because if not then I'm a bad mom). They just need reminders because their ears are indeed painted on. They just can't hear me every time I tell them to leave the water alone. Don't turn it on. Stop touching it!

The poor dears with painted ears. Life can be so hard.

The genius solution is to put one of those door knob thingees on the faucet handle. So clever.

That way, when the kids are outside and happy (which better be happening with much more consistency really soon) and one of the kids (the littler one) is playing with the hose, the other kid (the bigger one) can't go over and turn the water up full blast and cause the littler kid to become soaking wet and extremely unhappy.

Plus with all that water splashing around you run the risk of those painted on ears just washing right off. Then what would we do?

In other news (kind of related to the backyard but not especially), it snowed yesterday.

The day before that it was sunny and warm. And then we woke up to snow. I'm not surprised though.

It snowed on the first Sunday in April last year too. Know how I can remember such things? It was Easter Sunday 2010. I made my kids sit on the ottoman under the window to pose for a picture after the front room Easter basket festivities. They were still wearing their jammies. The ones they wore on Christmas morning too. I didn't plan for them both to be wearing their Christmas jammies on Easter Eve but that's just what happened.

Out the window behind them I could see snow on the hedge.

I'll for sure need to be writing the date on the back of this picture if it ever gets printed and stuck in a book.

Christmas jammies. New toys. Snow on the hedge. Painted on ears. Must be Easter.


Katie said...

That really is a great idea!!! Problem is, that type of door thingie (what do you call them??) ALWAYS messes me up! I have a harder time getting a door open with one of those on the knobs than the kids do!!!

Cutie Patooties in their jammies!!!

Zipdinger said...

Thanks for the hot tip!! That picture of Cate with the sprinkler is rad.

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

I still love that picture. We loved seeing the snow during Conference.