Friday, March 4, 2011

gimme five

You know that gimme five game you play with kids?

Gimme five (and they slap your hand).

Up high (and they slap your hand up high).

Down low (but you move your hand away before they can slap it and you say "too slow" and then they giggle and want to play it over and over and over again).


We play that game around these parts. It's super fun.

Here's the gimme five game as a review of the week we've had.

It'll be super fun (or probably not but just indulge creativity is waning).

Gimme Five!

up high (the good stuff)

1. The kidlets reading their scriptures together on the chair. Sitting that close to each other for at least 5 minutes and not fighting earned it the top spot on the list. As I stood in the doorway snapping pictures, Danny ignored me and Cate was singing, "God is so many fun." Danny was intently looking for pictures of violence.

2. I made the kids laugh pretty hard yesterday while I was at the ATM. I pretended that I was ordering Happy Meals. At first they were confused. Then I kept going and boy, did they get a kick out of it. I'm a little worried that the bank people are going to look at the security cameras, track me down and try to send me to the loony bin. They probably don't see too many people talking to the ATM and then laughing. Oh, it was fun though. I might have to use that trick again.

3. My new favorite morning snack. Greek yogurt sprinkled with granola. Ok, maybe not sprinkled. More like covered. Have you ever tried Greek yogurt? I had a sample at Walmart many weeks ago. It was good. I found some at Costco last week and bought it. It's a little sour all by itself. And thick. Covered in granola it is divine. Here's the bonus: 20 grams of protein in one cup of yogurt. Holy moly.

4. Strawberries at Costco for $3.99. I bought 2 packs. You know what this means? Spring is right around the corner. That's how I know every year. Strawberries were $6.99 a few weeks ago. Now they're $3.99. Winter is done when strawberries are cheap at Costco.

5. I said it before and I'll say it again. We went to the park! Outside! No snow! A little windy and nippy but who cares? We were at the park! Outside! And the best part is that my kids are even bigger than the last time we were at the park so I pretty much sat on a bench the entire time and just watched. It was glorious.

down low (the not-so-good stuff)

1. My back hurt pretty badly on Monday. I had a hard time standing up straight. It kept on hurting until yesterday. That's not a good thing. Cate heard me say "I can't. My back hurts." so many times these last few days that she started saying it too. She told the Costco sample lady, who in turn, seemed very concerned. I told her not to worry. It was me that had a sore back. Cate changed her tune and told the lady that she just had a headache in her throat instead.

2. I haven't exercised this week. Standing up straight is pretty much required for that kind of thing.

3. Danny wanted to go outside to play in the snow last Friday. Cate was feeling cruddy and wanted me to hold her. I hadn't showered yet. There was a lot of snow. I didn't think it would melt. He wanted to go in the front yard. I told him he couldn't by himself but I'd go with him later. Well, later is when the snow had pretty much all melted. I've felt pretty crappy about it all week.

4. I made the Paula Deen cupcakes, y'all. They were not very good. Where's the yummy chocolate flavor, Paula? And they were dry. It could have been all my fault but I'll go ahead and blame the dollar store.

5. Danny took a six hour nap on Saturday afternoon. Six hours. From 4:00 to 10:00. Not good. He was then awake for two hours playing with Legos in his room and bugging me for food. Around 12:30 he asked me to read him a book. I did. I don't know how my eyes stayed open for it but I managed. Then he had the nerve to wake up a little after 7:00 on Sunday morning. I don't even want to talk about it anymore. I'm just trying to forget it even happened.

too slow (the slow stuff...I could only think of one though)

The speed at which time is moving as we continue to rip off links on our paper chain, awaiting Grama Bama's arrival.

I was in Aunt Judy's playroom with Cate a few days ago. Out of nowhere she said, "My wish Bama Bama could came here." I asked her if she misses Grama Bama and she replied, "Yes, because my bum hurts."

What's on your gimme five list? Anything as good as mine? Anything as bad as mine?

Strawberries maybe?


JCM said...

My wish Bama Bama could come here too!

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

I wish Bama Bama would stop at my house on the way to your house!

Too bad you can watch your readers when they read your blog. I constantly laugh at your wittyness. So refreshing after reading some blogs that women are trying to look super spiritual and perfect. They make me want to gag. You're the "real thing" Cathy! I might try to make you a Coke logo and write Cathy in it! But I don't want to go to jail.

Now, I'm going to go look for pictures of violence in my Scriptures. hahahahaha Love your kids!

Glenora said...

Y'all are too kind but I have a headache from such cuteness. Glad the kiddles enjoyed the scriptures.

Chrisanne said...

Your number one up high is way too cute. I think one of my up highs would definitely have to be seeing struggling bits of green grass peeking through our dead lawn :) It made my whole day :)

Tony said...

I know that if you were here you would give me a real "high five" for starting my blog back up.

Dan said...

"God is So Many Fun" is one of my favorite hymns!

Cat Glazner said...

Love it!! My up high would be Bridger totally getting better! YAY. My down low, I wish I had a maid, or a cook, or both. lol.