Wednesday, March 2, 2011

even dr. seuss had one

He was just a little ahead of the times.
And he spelled his differently.

And his was some kind of silly creature with three fingers on one hand.
Not a website where you yap about cookies and kids and a whole lot of nothing.

And today was his birthday.
I did nothing to celebrate.
Didn't even mention it to the kids.

Thank goodness Danny's preschool teachers took care of that for me.
So nice that they teach my kid stuff so I don't have to.

Danny's not a big fan of coloring.
Can you tell?

Oh, maybe we did celebrate today.
We went to the park for the first time this year.
It was lovely.
Cate literally squealed from the backseat as we drove up and parked.
It was adorable.

Maybe I should have whipped up a batch of green eggs and ham cookies to bring along for a snack.

Sorry about the lameness of this post. I just love Dr. Seuss. I couldn't not say something about him today. I had a grand plan to bake a tall cake with red and white layers and frost it in white. Then when you cut it you see how it looks like the Cat's hat. It was marvelous in my brain. It just didn't happen. Plus, who was going to eat all that cake?


Dan said...

Thanks for not making the cake, since I would have been the one to eat it.

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

I love that you found that in Dr. Seuss. And horray for a nice outside day.

Chrisanne said...

I took Ev to the park this week for the first time this year too and he bawled when I made him leave :( It was so nice to get out though! :)