Monday, March 7, 2011

the smell of blogs

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Warning: This post is probably going to be a little boring for the grandparents who come here to see adorable pictures of their delightful grandpeople. I've placed pictures of the delightful grandpeople amongst the rambling words. That way, the grandparents (and a few aunts and uncles) can just scroll through all the boring words and see the cute kids they came here to see and be on their way to doing more productive things like knitting, napping and online shopping.

Here goes nothin'.

I've had quite a few thoughts/feelings/emotional issues about this whole blogging stuff for quite a while. I don't usually blog about blogging (poop and puke are much more interesting) but I'm having a hard time not thinking about it right now. Do with it what you will. I'll get back to blogging about cookies, kids and other non-inspiring things shortly.

I don't consider myself a writer. Some people blog because they have a passion for writing. It's their hobby. Maybe they just love to write. They have dreams of publishing a book some day and a blog is the place where they hone their craft, get their words out there, get noticed.

That's not why I have a blog.

I started blogging so I could share pictures and stories about my kids (and sometimes Dan) with family and friends. It was fun. It was easy. My kids say funny things. Like just this week, I asked Cate if she wanted some milk to drink. She replied, "No more milky. It makes my boobies hurt." That's funny stuff. Some of it gets written in their journals. Some of it here. Most of the time I wonder if anyone else will think it's funny. Then I try not to care if anyone else thinks it's funny.

Some people have food blogs. I'd like to do that. Seems like too much work though. Where are the kids when the mom is cooking, baking and taking pictures of the food? Seriously. Where are they? Mine are mostly at my feet, attempting to climb on the counters, opening the fridge. That's not fun. Are the kids asleep? Are they at school? Who's going to wash all those dishes? I'm pretty sure we'd be a family of fatties if I had a food blog, mostly because I prefer baking and that stuff isn't usually calorie free.

Some people have craft blogs. I try to stay away from those. They make me feel badly about my level of craftiness. Plus, I look at an aluminum can and just think it needs to get tossed into the recycling. Those crafty ladies look at an aluminum can and figure out how they can create a pair of earrings, a necklace, a headband and some kind of banner to hang on their mantle out of it. I'm lucky to have construction paper, crayons, kid scissors and glue that isn't dried up in my craft closet. Never mind. I don't have a craft closet. I have a few drawers that are currently on the dining room table for easy access. They've been there all winter.

I don't really know what this blog is. It started out about the kids. Then I got to thinking that they get all the attention and I was a little jealous. So I added stuff about me once in a while. It's come to be my little space. Kind of like when I was a teacher and I had my classroom. It was my space.

I enjoy blogging, except when I get frustrated. Then I feel like nobody cares (including me) and I complain to Dan that "this blog stuff is ruining my life!" I really said that recently. Sheesh.

I want to be creative. I think this blog has become my creative place. I don't make stuff out of cans and spray paint. I just write stuff and post pictures. It's just my little place to do what I want. In a house where I pretty much don't have anything to myself (even time on the toilet most days), it's mine.

If I want to share a recipe that I like, that's what I'll do (even if Dan doesn't care how much flour is in it...he's told me that before).

If I want to do some kind of activity with my kids, take pictures of it and then blog about it, I will. I get ideas of fun stuff to do from other blogs. Who says I can't do that too?

If I want to say something like "good crap, I'm going crazy today" then I can. I probably won't, but I can. I'm not a bad person just because my kids make me crazy sometimes. Sometimes they make me laugh so it all balances out (not totally, but they're trying).

If I want to blog about cool stuff that I found, bought, saw somewhere, vacuumed from under the chair or scraped out of the microwave, I can.

I went to a blogger conference last May. I came home feeling a little overwhelmed and a lot discouraged. Good thing the tickets were free. I'm not a social butterfly. Those conferences are heavy on the socializing. I understand that. I think I'll just need to be heavily medicated next time I go.

Other stuff I remember from the conference: one of the presenters saying that comments don't matter (I beg to differ, although she was just trying to make those of us who are lucky to get one or two feel better), the guy who sat down next to me in a class and said, " you have a blog?" (huh? where are we? Arby's? yeah, I have a blog), a bunch of blah blah blah about ads and marketing your blog (what on earth would I have ads for? pills for crazy moms? diaper rash cream? diet dr. pepper?), a bunch of other blah blah blah about finding your niche and being yourself (unless being yourself is boring) and the boxed lunch I purchased was quite tasty.

I know I'm not inspiring (unless you count inspiring people to not be like me). I'm not serious. I try to not be emotional and mushy because that kind of stuff is not my cup of tea. I try to find some kind of humor in all the puke, boogers and poop going on around here. If I don't, I'll cry. And that's not a good thing.

I watched Julie & Julia again on Saturday. It's a good movie. My favorite quote this time: "What do you think a blog is? It's me, me, me day after day!"

That's what I guess I'm trying to say with all this blabbering on and on. The blog is me. I don't think that's how it started out, but that's what it is. Me. My thoughts. My kids. My stresses. My favorite stuff. My least favorite stuff. My good stuff. My bad stuff. My everything (except for the poop, boogers and puke...that's all theirs).

Do with it what you will.

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JCM said...

Amen sister!

Glenora said...

Love your blog! This way I can stay in Alabama and still know some of what is going on bthere!! I need to really get there though - Cate seems to have a sore bum and now her boobs hurt!

Tony said...

I agree. Be yourself. Write what you feel like writing. Some people will like it and some won't. That's all I'm trying to do with my blog.

(That, and sometimes a little shock value.)

Diane said...

I love your blog Cathy and I love the pics of my cute niece and nephew and if you didn't have a blog what would I read every day? Don't give up on your blog, be yourself and write whatever you want :).

colds1 said...

Way cute pictures of Danny and Cate (Billy told me yesterday that Danny is his favorite cousin, FYI).

Oh, wait ... were there words in this post?

jenny said...

i'm a secret blog stalker because i think you're hilarious. and i was raised in a country town south of b'ham (chelsea, ever heard of it?) and i think ya'll are from around there. maybe. you're probably from mobile or something crazy like that. anyways, i really like you're blog. keep it up.

Christina said...

I think your blog is perfectly you, Cathy. I love hearing your voice saying all of the witty things you post about. And the puke and boogers is definitely part of the mom-to-young-kids territory. I think you nailed what is so great about blogging- there are all different kinds of blogs, and everyone can read or write what suits them. Keep up the kid stories and delicious recipes- I like it! said...

Every blogger feels this way at some point. You just have to blog for yourself and not worry about other people. Those bloggy conferences are just popularity contests - they are like being back in high school.

You are a very talented blogger. You make poop and vomit hilarious. Keep it up!

Joy McMillan said...

I hear ya! I have wrestled with those very same things/feeling/questions...and I'm with you. Our blogs are simply that...our blogs. A record of our wild and crazy, and often timess horribly boring, lives and they simply can't be put in a box.
So perfectly put! And thanks for "introducing" me to Jami Nato...fabulous!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

I love your blog, and (like a lot that I read) I think you should refuse to put it in a category.

Unless it's a category of awesome.

Sell...Party Of 4 said...


I struggle with this more often than not, and I should not even admit I have shed tears over my blog!

I remember one time at a blogger deal someone asking me what my blog is...and when I said I don't know...she was REALLY mean. Ever since tgen I feel out of place with my little ol'blog!

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

Oh, and I love a good typo in my comment! Makes you know it is me.

Lindsey Brackett said...

This is an AWESOME post. I love what you say about it being your space. that's what my blog is, my space. LOVE. IT.

Kevin said...

Me liking it!

johanna said...

Your blog is hilarious even to a stranger in a foreign country. Just so you know. It really makes me smile, thanks!

Hunnygrams said...

I cannot pinpoint the reason why I 'like" your blog as much as I do.
Here are some:
1. I can see cute pictures and read about funny things my grandsons (your nephews) say.
2. I hear some news about your sister and her husband (my son).
3. Your kids are adorable.
4. You take really nice photos.
5. I like your recipes.
6. I (usually) admire your OCD-ness about neatness and cleanliness. It also give me insight into Judy. Wish I had more of that quality. (Instad I just drive myself crazy with guilt.)
7. It's good to read posts about your mom, Glenora, 'my good friend" as Jarrett puts it, and to read her comments.
8. I enjoy reading about you and Dan. You are good people. And fun. And crazy at times.
9. Your log is educationsl. Go WarEagle!
10. I admire your creativity in writing.
11. I like that you let yourself be human and share some of that with your readers.
12. It's fun to know what is going on in your life, so when we get to get together with Dave and Judy, it feels like family.
13. Thanks for taking the time to blog.

Dan said...

Wow! Seventeen comments are a lot.

Judy said...

Eighteen is a really lot. I love your blog too, Cathy. You are very funny. Last night when Cate was here she took a bath with Raymond and Danny and Kris. My bathtub is a lot smaller than yours. Afterward she was watching me dress Raymond. She said, "Judy, do you have a penis?" I said, no, I'm a girl like you. So she asked who else is a girl, and then who are the boys. She's sooo cute, I just love her. I could talk to her all day.

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

I'm smiling as big as Texas! Well said!

I can't believe Judy wrote the "p" word! Hahaha!

Oh, and that's the best Dr. Suess quote.

I think this could count for 4 comments.

Thanks for beeing you! ;)

~j. said...

Your blog is you, and that's just perfect.

Marisa said...

I'm with you. I think about giving up the blog ALL THE TIME. But in the end, I like being able to write down my thoughts in a place where people can read them if they so choose. And that's why I blog. The end. :)

Cat Glazner said...

Cathy!! I ADORE your blog, it makes me laugh and I LOVE reading it. I love that this is who you are and that I can take a peek in the window. LOVE it, keep it up!! Your HILARIOUS!! and KNOW that, everyone is smiling when they read your blog.

moultriefam said...

Loved this post...kinda helped my mood tonight. just curious, but who took the adorable pics of your kids?

rachelle @ tinkerlab said...

Cathy.... I'm hooked in your blog! I just read three posts, on my phone, and realized I had better leave you a comment already!! Yes, please continue being you; that's all anyone wants from a blog, after all. Love, your crafty-blog admirer

Chrisanne said...

Good night! I'm slow to the party ;) This: " you have a blog?" (huh? where are we? Arby's? yeah, I have a blog). Made me snort while laughing - yah verrrry unflattering. But you tell me if I think your blog is funny. When life get's crazy I actually make a point to go online and catch up on any posts I've missed. I actually really like reading the comments you get, you have some funny ones! I'll admit Dan has some pretty good ones. The kid pics are stinkin cute - and whoever took the pics, I need to find out where they got that awesome green chair!