Sunday, September 15, 2013

Wilder Ranch State Park

Dan is pretty good at finding family friendly stuff to do on vacation. I love the amusement parks. Obviously we planned on those. The kids like the beach but I'm not one to enjoy spending all day every day of our vacation there. Not gonna happen.

Dan likes to explore so off we went and arrived at Wilder Ranch State Park. It's not far from where we were staying in Santa Cruz. There are hiking and biking trails there but obviously with four kids age 6 and under (we met up with Michelle and her kiddos again), not much of that was going to be happening. Plus, I was wearing flip flops.

We explored the old buildings. Unfortunately, we happened to visit on a day that they don't give tours and the historic home was locked. Drat. We just walked around the grounds instead.

I realize I've already said this but do you even know how happy it makes me to be wearing sweatshirts at noon on a sunny day in July (or August or whenever this was)? 


I'm not so sure Danny shares my excitement.

Once the kids found this amazing tree their spirits perked right up. Can you even imagine having this thing in your back yard?

It was a fun place to explore. Maybe next time I'll wear proper footwear and the tours will be running. 

When we were leaving the kids were asking when we could go back. I'm pretty sure they only cared about that tree.