Sunday, October 6, 2013

Swanton Berry Farm

After our little jaunt at Wilder Ranch State Park, we were off on another adventure. 

We stopped to see the cement church in Davenport. According to Mr. Wiki, the St. Vincent DePaul church was built entirely out of cement from the nearby cement factory. And there it is. We didn't go inside, just parked so I could take a picture and off we went.

Our next stop was Swanton Berry Farm just up the road. Of course we were there on a day that they weren't doing the you pick it thing. Oh, well. We had a nice time anyway.

We just hung out inside the cute little shop area. Danny had fun using the honor till to buy our berries.

There's a corner filled with toys and books that the kids are free to use as long as they clean up after themselves.

The kidlets had a good time trying to figure out this slide slide the ball toy. They never quite got it but they sure worked hard at it.

We ate berries and yummy strawberry shortcake. The kids played with toys and Dan got to read the paper. It was lovely.


Sell...Party Of 5 said...

my favorite picture if your head in one mirror, and Danny's feet in the mirror below.

Vanessa Brown said...

I agree with Von that is an awesome picture!!

debra said...

I want to go to that berry farm.