Monday, September 2, 2013

California Science Center

The day after our Legoland adventure, our friends took us to the California Science Center in L.A. They wanted us to see the Space Shuttle Endeavour and the other fun stuff there. The center is actually free which is awesome because it is huge and has lots of cool things to see and do. I remember going there on a field trip when I taught second grade our first year of wedded bliss.

As you can imagine, the Space Shuttle is huge. It's amazing to think that it was floating through space. Science is mind boggling sometimes. I don't think the kids were very impressed but I sure was.

We found a big wall of ice to pose in front of. If you stand there long enough you can make a hand impression. Or stick your finger in it and make a hole. It's pretty painful though. I must warn you.

We sat outside to eat our lunch and watch the pigeons.

Here's Cate with her possible future husband, Jonah. His dimples are adorable. I wouldn't mind being his mother-in-law in 20 years (or more but hopefully not less).

I just love this picture. Ashton's little hand on Cate's belly is too cute. Right before I took this picture Danny had been spinning himself around so that's why his eyes look a little kooky. We had a fun time with these little boys (and their parents too of course).

The kids spent the rest of the evening swimming in the backyard pool while the adults busted out some karaoke. It was fun to perfect our Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash duet of "Jackson." And Michelle and I had fun torturing the men with all the Les Mis songs we could find.

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