Monday, August 26, 2013

Legoland California

We went to Legoland one month ago today. I think that means it's about time to share some pictures! I've been so greedy with them. I'm having a hard time remembering what we did but I guess that's what the pictures are for. 

Do you see the sky up there in that picture? That's how it was most of the day. Cloudy and about 70 degrees. I swear I don't know why I live where I do. Somebody please give me permission to move.

We invited my friend and her two kidlets to enjoy the park with us. It's a good thing Danny is 48 inches tall and can ride lots of the rides alone because my friend's kids are shorties. Dan and I traded off riding with Cate and her kids for lots of the rides. Danny seemed a little unsure about it at first but then I think he thought it was pretty cool that he was big enough to sit alone.

My friend took these pictures for us and I love them. Her youngest wasn't tall enough to ride this coaster even with an adult so she was the photographer instead. Thank goodness because these two pictures would have cost at least $20 each if we'd bought them. That's Dan riding with my friend's oldest on the left. I posted the picture on the right on my Instagram account and someone wondered if Dan fell out. Ha. I think Cate and I look pretty funny but Danny wins the prize. I love that my kids aren't sissies about riding roller coasters. We've trained them well.

The line for this ride was longish (30 minutes or more? or less? something like that). When we got in the line Cate looked a little tired. So I picked her up. She snuggled down and actually fell asleep. I held her (which mostly felt like dead weight since she was asleep) the entire time. Sometimes I'm amazed at my superhuman strength.

This is some kind of Star Wars ship made out of over 5 million Lego pieces. Pretty impressive.

I love this picture of my Daniels.

It was a wonderful day. I think it's safe to say we all had an excellent time. There's good and bad to every theme park (amusement park? I don't know what this place is) experience. I think I've learned to set my expectations low (especially when I know I'm going to be dealing with hungry, tired kids who sometimes just really want to be held even though they weigh 50 pounds) and things can only go up. 

The kids' favorite part of the Legoland experience was the driving school. Those pictures will have to wait for another day because there's a lot of them and this has gone on long enough.

Very suspenseful, I know.

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debra said...

You don't get permission to move. Your parents just moved here. You haven't had near enough time to enjoy them! If I could change the weather here, I'd like it much better too.