Sunday, September 8, 2013

a day at the beach

That's all I've got. Taking pictures at the beach wasn't my top priority. Feeling anxious and completely unsettled because I was sure my kids (plus Jonah) were going to be swept out to sea took over my brain and the camera sat mostly untouched.

But it's ok because that first picture of Dan and Cate could not be any more precious to me.

I'll have that hanging on the wall poster sized some day. 

If I could go to the beach under the cloudy Santa Cruz skies every day, I might not hate the beach so much. The sand is still a little annoying but I could get over it.


Vanessa said...

beaches stress me out too. i love them and they stress me out at the same time, it's a weird feeling!

Sell...Party Of 5 said...

We are probably the only family that goes to California and doesn't go to the beach. :)