Saturday, September 7, 2013

Gilroy Gardens

Sure, it's no Disneyland but I don't care. Don't tell anyone but maybe I love it more.

We went there on our vacation last year too. The kids loved it then and they loved it again. 

Cate was tall enough this year to ride the artichoke all by herself. As you can see from her expression, that was quite thrilling.

The park is open from 11-5. We got there just before the gates opened. Of course we headed straight to a roller coaster since we knew nobody would be in line yet. 

And then we rode that roller coaster.

Five times in a row without getting off in between.


That's a pretty cruddy picture but that's what you get when the teenage guy running the ride is your photographer. 

I tell you what, five times in a row with lots of giggles and smiles and wheeeeeeeeee's is just about as awesome as it gets. I am so blessed to not have roller coaster sissies for kids. Seriously. I really can't wait for them to get big enough to experience Six Flags with me. 

Cate was also tall enough to ride the spinning garlic bulb by herself. And then again with Danny and me. Twice I think. No spinning garlic bulbs for Dan though. He's really missing out.

Doesn't she just have the sweetest little face? I love that kid.

No fear with that one. Hands in the air and wheeeeeeeee the whole ride. Pure awesomeness.

We made it out of the park without seeing Gil the dancing garlic bulb.

Maybe next year.

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