Saturday, August 31, 2013

open tabs

Saturday afternoon blogging at its finest coming right up.

I don't ever blog in the day. There's always always ALWAYS something that I deem more important so I just don't do it. I torture myself with laundry and cleaning stuff and taking kids places to entertain them instead. 

BUT today I am tired and have a little headache. Plus, both of my kids just fell asleep in the front room and Dan is watching the BYU game so here I am. The washing machine is chugging away though, lest you think I'm a lazy slacker.

So here's my grand idea for today.

I'll share what I've been saving on my internet tabs on my phone. It's pretty much how I remember stuff that I want to do or read or find interesting enough to not click away. It's either that or I email messages to myself. I've gotten very forgetful in my advanced age.

I made these on Thursday for my neighbor because it was her team's first game of the season. I even topped them with red sprinkles (her team's color) instead of blue (our team's color) like I usually do in honor of her Utes loving husband who recently passed away. I told her it'll never happen again. It's all blue treats this season from here on out.

By the way, those aren't the cake batter treats pictured up there. I forgot to take a picture of those. I did make some earlier in the week with Biscoff spread (that's like cookie butter from Trader Joe's) and I must say they were very tasty. I gave most of the pan away because they are very evil and tempting.

TAB #2  BYU Homecoming Parade Info

It's on October 12th this year in case you want to know. I'm excited. We went last year and it was the best. If the 4th of July parade could be in October every year it would be lovely. October is the perfect weather for a parade. Oh well.

I saw this on my friend Marisa's facebook page and had to read it. I'm pretty sure it's no secret I'm an introvert. At least it's no secret to me.  I read it and just kept thinking yep yep yep yep yep. Interesting stuff. Except #5. Downtime does feel unproductive to me if it's during the day. I was ok with doing nothing back in the good ol' days when my kids napped. But not anymore.

#10? Holy crap YES! That's why my kids should just go to bed at 6:30 because I am very much done by then.

#12? Completely. Is that what makes this mom stuff so hard? I feel like it's pushing me to be good at so many things but I just can't do it.

#14? Oh, yes. Sorry, friends. Just text me. Please. Otherwise I'll just pretend I was in the shower and missed your call.

#16? This is why I can't just fall asleep at night. 

#22? I think so. That's probably what makes this blog stuff so frustrating to me. I think I could have a lot to write if I could just turn off my #16 and have quiet time for 5 or 6 hours every night. It'll never happen so all the stuff I think I could write about just stays stuck as the blog posts I only write in my head at night. That sounds so dramatic but I do think writing is good for me. I have boxes and boxes of journals out in the garage. Lots of them. 

Anyway, there were a few things on that list that don't describe me at all but overall, yes. It was nice to know that I'm not alone because sometimes I'm pretty sure I'm the only one. (See #3)

I don't know where I came across this recipe (most likely Pinterest). I want to try them (that's why I keep the tab open duh). I have found my favorite peanut butter cookie recipe (except I add 1 tablespoon of cocoa and recently I have discovered that if you use 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1/2 cup white sugar they turn out a little bit chewy and less crumbly and they are perfect). But I'm still on the hunt for the chocolate chip cookie recipe that I love. We'll see.

These are good. I'm going to make them for Sunday dinner tomorrow. I'm usually in charge of rolls and dessert (mostly because I love making dessert and I just use frozen dough for the rolls so it's not much work). Last week I used whole wheat frozen dough and Danny wouldn't eat them and Jarrett told me they weren't as good as my usual ones. So this week I'll blow them all away with these. They are delicious. I've made them before. Rolls from scratch mostly just feels like a lot of work so I stick to the frozen dough. They're in for a treat tomorrow.

This is what I have been looking for. Hooray. I'm going to do it with this poster I found many moons ago.

A little blurry but you get the idea. I love it. I don't know where I'll hang it. It might take me 10 years to get around to doing it but at least I've got a plan.

 *   *   *

So now after all that informative blogging, Cate is still asleep, Danny is awake, the BYU game is delayed due to lightning and I'm off to the paint store.



Marisa said...

I typically have 10 tabs open at any given time. I'm totally stealing this idea sometime. You have the best bloggy ideas!

And I'm trying your pb cookie tweaks next time I make them. Yum.

debra said...

#8. I'm so number 8. I'm no good at mingling. I'd rather sit in a corner all by myself, or better yet at home by myself.