Sunday, October 14, 2012

homecoming weekend

blue rice krispie treats for the neighbors
cute kiddos waiting for the parade to start
a hike up the ramp because just sitting and waiting is boring
me and my favorite girl
sparkly boots keeping her tootsies warm
the fam

watching the racers before the parade starts
the Y we love
he'll sing the fight song while you hum along

my favorite part of the parade
hearing the fight song up close {amazing}
Danny's favorite float
Cocolito's for lunch
treat from our neighbor {hope Utah doesn't get in a "jam" today}
trip to the dino museum so Daddy could watch the game in peace

*   *   *

It was a fun morning. A parade in October? The best idea ever!
Sadly, our Cougars didn't win. Neither did Utah though.
I guess they got into a jam after all.

Best part of the day (even better than my taquitos for lunch):

Dan sent this picture to me while he took the kids for a walk down the street
(because waiting for a parade to start is hard work when you're little).

They're standing in front of the apartment I used to live in.

On Homecoming night 16 years earlier, I had been sitting on the couch in that apartment with my roommate. I was working on my lesson plans for student teaching. Dan walked past on his way back to his apartment to get ready for work. He had been visiting our upstairs neighbors. I think he was telling them all how pretty they looked in their dresses before their dates came to pick them up for the big dance. Our blinds were open. He saw two cute girls sitting on the couch and popped in to say hi.

And BAM!

A year and a half later we were married.

*   *   *

 He'll tell you he loved me way before that Homecoming night all those many years ago but I wouldn't give him the time of day. Maybe that's how he remembers things.
Not me. I remember him leaving that night and thinking he was a pretty cool guy.
And funny. And that I wanted to be his friend. And that I hoped he'd pop in and say hi again.
Lots of times. He did. Thank goodness.

That's the door he knocked on to pick me up for our first date (lots of months later).

And now I've got a picture of my cute kids standing next to it.

I love it.
And them.
And him.

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Marisa said...

What a great story! So romantic.

Now on to those giant Legos. . . how do ya think they made those? I need some.