Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First and Last

Danny started first grade today. The sign he's holding was all his idea. I told him I wanted to take his picture before we left. I heard him from the dining room table (where all the paper and markers are kept) asking if one-s-t means first. I told him that indeed it did.

The holding up one finger thing was all is idea too. He makes me laugh.

I was worried all day that he'd not use the restroom (since he never used it once in kindergarten and first grade is twice as long) and that he wouldn't eat enough at lunch and then be starving his little gutballs out the rest of the afternoon.

I'm going to just go ahead and confess that I'm the evil mom that is not sad when her kids start school. I don't feel like their youth is slipping away. I don't cry because I'll miss them. This is only the second time we've had a first day of school around here though so maybe my tune will change next Tuesday when my Catie Bug starts kindergarten. Who knows? 

I'm excited for them to be in school. I love school. I want them to love it too. I want them to learn and grow and make friends and experience all kids of awesome things. I was more sad today that I'm missing out on that first day of school energy that I felt when I was a teacher. I loved the first day. It's something special. 

And we were even happy today to get to talk to our crossing guard again. I think we're his favorites. 

I found this in Danny's back pack after school so I'd say today was a success (even though all Danny would tell me was that school was good but he didn't remember if he learned anything).

We had a little down time after school before heading out to Danny's soccer game. His team lost...again.

*   *   *

Our neighbor and friend passed away this evening. We've lived across the street from him for 14 years. He loves my kids and I just feel so sad that he's gone. 

My kitchen window faces his house. I watched him be put into the ambulance this morning. I watched later in the afternoon as he was wheeled back into his house. His family wanted him home and there was nothing more for the hospital to do for him. 

When we came home from Danny's soccer game, his grandson came across the street to tell us that Emo had passed. I didn't go over right away because Dan left for a church meeting and I wasn't sure I wanted the kids over there with me. So I waited and watched out my window. 

I watched the two men in suits from the mortuary wheel him out one last time. 

I wrote about Emo here and here. Danny loved him. When he was in his tractor phase, he wanted to go into Emo's back yard every day and see all his tractors and tools. My kids liked to go across the street for a visit because they'd always come home with a popsicle.

He was a good man and he will be missed.


debra said...

I was wondering about Emo when I went by your house. He will be missed.

I'm happy on the first day of school too. I get sad that my kids are growing up, but not on that day! School is the best thing ever. And not only because it means I get a break, but also because I loved school too.

Sell...Party Of 5 said...

Oh I don't even know Emo, but it makes my heart sad when a "good guy" has to leave this earth. I am sorry Cathy.

I am anxiously awaiting the first day of school still. It is the best day of the entire school year. All the excitement, and new fun stuff. :)