Wednesday, January 23, 2013

brave little boy

A blog post about going to the dentist. Woo hoo!

It's more than that though. If my boy reads this blog some day (I'm not thinking that'll ever happen but still) I want him to know how proud I was of him this morning. He's amazing.

He popped out of bed bright and early. The appointment was at 8:20 (what was I thinking?) and he was awake at 7:00. That never happens. He usually sleeps until 8:00. He was happy and not in the least bit worried about going to the dentist.

We got there and he hopped up in the chair. The lady turned on the movie in the ceiling, put on that silly nose mask and the rest was just as easy. I spent the whole time wanting to just hold his hand, maybe more for my peace of mind than his. He barely flinched when the dentist gave him the shots in his gums too. Oh, man. That was painful to watch. That must have been some really powerful numbing gel because it looked like he couldn't feel a thing.

And then the drilling. That kid was so brave. He just lay there, still as can be, and then it was over. I'm so glad too because I was freaking out inside. I spent most of the time fighting back my own tears. Why? I'm crazy. Going to the dentist is hideous to me. I hate it. That's why I was so proud of my boy today. I told him so lots of times, don't worry.

I'm kind of glad Cate witnessed it all. Hopefully it inspired her to brush and floss even more to avoid getting herself in that chair. I don't think she would have taken it all so well. 

Best part of it all was watching Danny try to drink water through a straw on the way home. Poor kid couldn't figure out why his lips wouldn't work. Ah, it was funny. 

p.s. Do you ever feel like you need to apologize to the dentist for your kid having a cavity? I'm sorry I didn't make him brush and floss better. I'm sorry! It's all my fault! I'm sorry I let him eat candy sometimes. Ug. I hate it there. Not that the dentist cares right? I just paid for his kid's new iPad Mini. You're welcome, kid.


Marisa said...

Absolutely. When Haley got glasses, I felt I should apologize to her and everyone for having bad DNA. (Even though it probably wasn't my DNA that was the problem.) And I don't even have control over that!

I'd be a wreck if a dentist had to drill my kid's tooth. Congratulations on making it through the appointment!

Jaymerz said...

I am not the dentist's biggest fan, I don't like going. Our dentist retired and now I have to find a new one, and I actually really liked him, so I am not looking forward to the search.

Sell...Party Of 5 said...

the only thing good about the dentist is what I call "the nose"...I love that thing.