Thursday, August 23, 2012

four dollars and forty-two cents

I hadn't heard from Danny in a while.

I asked Cate to go spy on him (that's my way of finding out what someone's doing without having to get up and see for myself and the "spy on him" part means be really quiet so he won't hear you because if he's doing something that's acceptable then I don't want him to be interrupted and come bug's that for horrible mom?).

She came back from her secret mission to report that he was counting the money from her bear bank.

Totally acceptable and I'm glad she didn't interrupt him. It kept him busy for what seemed like a very long time.

Finally he emerged from her bedroom to tell me that Cate has $4.42 in her bear bank. "Four dollars and forty-two cents!" She's rich.

Curious, I thought I'd have a recount and see if he was right.

He was.


And there were only a few quarters. All the rest was a mixture of dimes, nickels and pennies.

* * *

The kindergarten countdown chain had 8 links left. I reminded him that when we started the chain there were 150 links. He smiled and said, "So we've gone through a hundred and forty-two!"

* * *

Dan dealt out four hands of cards on the front room floor to attempt to teach me how to play Rook. All the cards were face up so he could kind of run through a fake game and show me what to do. Danny sat and watched (he was probably listening better than I was too).

He leaned over and whispered to me that Dan's black cards equaled 50. He was right.

* * *

We were at Aunt Judy's house. It was 6:39 when I told him we were leaving at 7:00. I asked him how much longer until we'd leave. "21 minutes."


* * *

I bought the kids ice cream cones at McDonald's. Danny asked me how much they cost. I told him they're 99 cents each. "You mean our ice cream costed (because that's how he says it and I think it's adorable) one dollar and ninety-eight cents?!"

I'm not sure if he thought that was a little or a lot but he was sure enthusiastic about it.

* * *

I told Danny that he gets to start watching football with Daddy next week. "Remember how they get a touchdown and an extra kick and then they earn 7 points? What happens if they get another touchdown?" 14. And another? 21. 28. 35. 42. 49. 56 (that's him telling me, no the other way around). We stopped there because I'm not sure BYU is going to get any higher than that this season (but what do I know?).

* * *

I'm partly proud and a whole lot amazed at the stuff this kid knows and can figure out. No finger counting. No calculator (duh). I'm a little bit bragging. Sure. But can you blame me? If bragging about my kid on my blog is wrong then I don't wanna be right.

I also just want to remember this stuff so I don't let it just float away and be forgotten. I want to show him this when he's taking care of me in my old age because he's a successful something-or-other-that-uses-math and let him know he knew it way back when.

But mostly I'm just bragging.