Saturday, August 25, 2012


...two little cousins who love each other dearly AND drive each other crazy.
(and enjoy the same taste in cheap plastic necklaces)

...peaches from our kind neighbor.
We made peach cake.
That was Danny's suggestion since he doesn't like pie.
He also suggested we add a splash of vanilla since the recipe didn't call for any.

...a day at the "beach" in the mountains of Utah.
(it's really just a reservoir but whatever)
I was worried the kids wouldn't believe that it was a beach since they'd just been to a real one.
They didn't seem to mind that there were no crashing waves ready to sweep them off to sea.
I was very glad for no waves.
Those real ones last month darn near gave me a heart attack.

I showed Cate this next picture and she said, "Ewww. That water is dirty."
She didn't seem to notice when she was splashing around in it.
Funny how that happens.

...a trip to the BYU for some Saturday fun.
Bowling brings out something scary in Cate apparently.
I was fighting back tears.
It happens every time.
School starts this week and the place was buzzing with students and parents.
I love it and I really want my kids to love it too.
I think I'm doing my part to make sure they do.

...yummy ice cream before heading home.
He chose orange sherbet but somehow ended up eating almost all of my chocolate.
 I'm a good little mommy so I let him have it.

Not pictured from this week:

Two trips to the pool. TWO! I hate the pool and I took my kids twice in one week.
We went to a different one since our usual spot was closed this week.
 The kids loved it so much on Tuesday with Dan
that I took them back on Friday with Aunt Judy and the cousins.

And now after two days at the pool and one at the beach
I'm giving summer permission to just go ahead and be done.

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Sell...Party Of 5 said...

I loved playing at the beach with you...even if it is not really a beach. It is close enough in my book.