Sunday, June 10, 2012

sunday snapshots

on the walk home from church

She loves that brother of hers.
When I see them like this it makes me so happy that she's got a big brother.
I hope he turns into the brother that adores his little sister and treats her like a princess.
We're not quite there yet. Thankfully, there's still time.

napping and snoring

Dan picked out Babe to watch for our afternoon entertainment.
Have you seen Babe?
The one with the pig and Farmer Hoggett and "That'll do, pig. That'll do."
And the sheep and the duck and the dogs and bah ram ewe.
It's one of my favorites. Such a sweet movie.


I found this box full of badges (or patches or whatever you call them) in the garage.
There's lots of them. Hundreds? Maybe.
I'm no crafty person but I've been thinking I could do something with them.
Nothing that involves sewing of course.
I've got to stay true to myself.
I don't think crafty is staying true to myself either but I'm branching out.

chocolate cake with cousins

Just an excuse to make that yummy peanut butter frosting again.
 Danny came into the kitchen after I'd taken the cake out of the oven.

Can I have a little taste to make sure it's good?
 (he took a pinch off the corner)
It's actually good.
Can I have a little slice?
(I said no so he took another pinch)
Now I know it's seriously good.
Can I have a big chunk?
(I gave in and cut off a chunk)

And miracle of all miracles, my non-frosting loving boy ate a piece of cake with frosting!
He loved it.

two thumbs up

I left the kids at Aunt Judy's house with their cousins and Dan.
Right now I'm watching Food Network Star and enjoying the peace and quiet.
Remember how I have finger toes?
That's my two thumb toes up for a quiet Sunday evening all by myself.
I could seriously get used to this.


Marisa said...

Even Danny loves the frosting?? My work here is done.

debra said...

I just might have to bake something to put that peanut butter frosting on. It sounds good.