Wednesday, June 13, 2012

butter and chocolate chips are my friends

I know this picture looks like some kind of weird oatmeal mush with chocolate on the bottom. 

It's not.

This, my friends, is a chocolate chip cookie in a bowl.

Single serving! 

This was the best thing I did all day (even though the day's only halfway done, I'm pretty sure it won't get better than this).

Also, the best thing I ate all day.

I feel like my life has been forever changed because of it. Seriously.

You know how sometimes you just want a taste of something sweet after dinner (or lunch or breakfast) but you know that if you go to all the trouble of making a batch of something you'll eat too much (even if you plan to give away lots to the neighbors too)?

That happens to me a lot. I find recipes and all I really want is a taste. That's all. Not very many recipes are made for single servings. (I found these cupcakes for two though. I haven't made them yet because vanilla isn't very exciting to me.)

Lots of times after dinner Dan searches around for something. Like something is missing in his life even though he just ate a delicious gourmet meal that I lovingly prepared for him and my little darlings.

I found what you were looking for, my dear husband! 

A warm hocolate chip cookie in a bowl! (here's the recipe except she made hers in a cup)

I feel like I've said too much here. It's just a cookie right? I shouldn't even be eating them. I know. But sometimes I just need a little something and this is it. This is it! And I even used half the chocolate chips called for in the recipe and it was plenty. That means I can make even more. Being conservative with the chocolate chips isn't usually my thing. I don't know what came over me.

Another plus: the recipe calls for one egg yolk. I saved the whites so now I can have egg white omelettes for breakfast. I figure that balances out eating the cookie.

I shared my bowl cookie with Cate. Then Kris wanted his own. Then Danny. Then Jarrett. Then Cate (even though she already ate most of mine). Maybe it would have been easier to just make a batch of cookies. 

Two items to be added permanently to my shopping list: butter and chocolate chips. 

Yum. And make sure you scrape the bowl clean. Lots of chips get stuck down there.

You're welcome in advance.

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Marisa said...

I'm so conflicted. As I've said before, it's not good for me to know how to make single servings of such things, because then I have them more often. If I have to make a whole batch, I can often talk myself out of making them altogether.

But you have a good point with the egg white trade off. Hmm.

Except I'd probably just use a whole egg and double the rest of the ingredients.

And I'm not as nice as you—I don't share my treats. You are a good, kind woman.