Friday, June 8, 2012


from the top:

(in the little blue box)

We went to the splash pad for the first time this year.
Cate was thrilled to be there.
She was splishing and splashing and having a grand time.
And then she turned into a cold and tired grump for no apparent reason.
We didn't even last an hour.
Later that afternoon, the wind picked up and my phone told me it was 55 degrees.
It was 97 degrees the afternoon before.
Crazy spring weather is what that is.

I tended my friend's little boy this week.
We were at her mother-in-law's house for the day.
This is the carpet in the playroom.
Ain't it grand?
It's not a rug. That's the carpet.
I kind of love it.
It might be older than me.

I found a BYU yearbook on the bookshelf downstairs at the same house.
It was from 1967.
I looked up my dad in the index.
I found him.
I also found this little gem of a picture.
I'm glad I now know where my chin ought to be since I'm all about poise and beauty.

I bought raspberries at Costco.
They didn't even last 24 hours.
I'd like to say Cate helped me eat them because they're her favorite.
Alas, I pretty much scarfed them all by myself.

Afternoon baths are the best.
Actually, afternoon naps are the best.
Since she's not taking any of those lately I guess a bath will suffice.
I really really miss the naps though.

And I possibly found my new favorite frosting.
Peanut butter!
It's light and smooth and deliciously peanut buttery.
(Thanks, Marisa!)

We're headed to the beach this summer.
I don't think this frosting is helping me feel better about my beach bod.
Actually, I'm quite certain it's not.

I promise Danny was around this week.
He somehow missed out on most of the picture taking.
He's quite stealthy.

life rearranged


Marisa said...

Your new favorite? Really? That's so exciting!

I, on the other hand, weighed myself for the first time in probably 4 years. I am not allowed to have any more frosting. :(

Sell...Party Of 5 said...

that carpet?! AMAZE.

Arlene said...

I caught up on your posts. Love them all and great flicks. Especially the many faces of Catherine