Thursday, June 7, 2012

self portrait in the buff

Danny couldn't care less about writing his name for a long time. Didn't care. Didn't want to do it. Nothing. I had to write every other letter just to get him to participate and practice a little. The thought of my kid being the only one in his kindergarten class not writing his name made me sad. It seemed like it might happen though. He can be quite stubborn.

He didn't care about coloring or drawing either. He'd scribble in a coloring book but not for more than a few minutes. And drawing? Almost never. 

And now. He'll get paper and sit at the table and just draw. Mostly these little guys. Always five fingers on each hand. Always smiling. Always a long neck.

And then he writes his name. Without me saying anything about it. I love it. It makes me smile.

He said this is him. I don't know what the neck stripes are for. Maybe they're wrinkles. And the bellybutton just about kills me.