Thursday, May 24, 2012

how the green monster smoothie changed my life

I came across this recipe for the Green Monster Spinach Smoothie

Top Secret Diet Weapon? Hmmmm.

Spinach is an excellent source of lutein which may help prevent dementia? I'm sold!

Twenty-one grams of protein for lunch? Holy moly. That's way better than boring old salad for sure.

I've been eating one of these smoothies every day for lunch since last Monday (well, except of rest from green monsters).

I've lost 4 pounds.

That's why I added some sparkle to the picture.

That smoothie is magical.

It fills up my belly and makes me way too full to snack all afternoon (I guess if I was eating carrots and celery all afternoon snacking wouldn't be an issue).

Know what else I like about it? No thinking required. No wondering what's for lunch. Sometimes I don't have a spare brain cell in my head to plan what I want to eat. Or I can't seem to find any healthy options that don't include celery or carrots. 

Dan can't wait to be out of school for the summer so he can slurp his lunch through a straw right along with me.

We'll be wearing our bikinis at the splash pad in no time!

p.s. Maybe the green monster didn't really change my life...just made it a little simpler. And made my pants a little looser.

p.p.s.  We don't wear bikinis. Maybe just a speedo for Dan.


Marisa said...

Four pounds?? Wow! I saw that post a while ago, and we've been having one smoothie a week for breakfast with spinach or kale crammed in.

I guess I need to have more than one a week.

And I'm always hungry an hour later. I've been having it with toast, and that helps, but I wonder if I'd still lose pounds if I have the toast.

Hmm. I'll keep trying different combinations. I'm glad it's working for you!

Arlene said...

I saw it on pinterest a few months ago and had them everyday while Carl was on trips. He about gagged when I told him why I had so much spinach. They sure make me hit the bathroom often, though! TMI